What should I do if my ex accuses me of child abuse?

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When you are going through a high-conflict divorce, it is likely that many accusations may be flung your way by a vengeful spouse. This is especially true when there is a child involved. Your ex may be desperate to keep you from having contact with or a relationship with your child and may even go as far as to claim you abused your child in an attempt to obtain sole custody of your child.

What happens if false allegations of child abuse are made?

If a parent falsely accuses their ex of child abuse in an effort to influence the court making a child custody order, the accusing parent may have to pay court costs to the innocent parent. In extreme cases, the accusing parent may even lose custodial rights over the child. False allegations are rarely successful and rarely pay off. That being said, before a judge can act on false allegations, an investigation of child abuse must occur.

Child abuse investigations

If one parent alleges that the other parent abused their child, a thorough investigation into the situation must be performed before a child custody or visitation decision can be made. This may include examinations by physicians and mental health professionals that could be distressing for a child.

Family protective services may also have to be involved in a potential child abuse investigation, which can intrude on the privacy of both the accused and the child. Parents involved in an investigation should be cooperative and should collect evidence that supports their case. “He said, she said” arguments are rarely helpful.

Learn more about your rights as a parent

You may feel very distressed if you are falsely accused of child abuse. However, do not lose hope. Stay calm, cooperate with officials and build your case. With the right help in a high-conflict child custody case, you can ensure that your rights are represented and upheld.