Criminal Litigation

The United States Constitution sets the standard: You are innocent until proven guilty.

Many defense lawyers believe that it’s the Government’s job to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt and all that the defense is required to do is to try and attempt poke holes in the Government’s theory. We disagree.

Strategic Defense At Every Stage: Investigation, Trial And Appeal

At Joshi, we work hard to present a defense – if charged with a crime, you have a constitutional right to present a defense. However, presenting a strong defense is different from simply “playing defense.”

We do not believe in playing defense. As the saying goes, the best defense is a good offense! This is not only true for putting on a successful defense before a jury at trial but also at every stage of litigation: at investigation and pre-file (before criminal charges are pressed) stage, pre-trial stage, at trial, and if convicted (or coerced into taking a plea), after trial in pursing post-conviction remedies.

Our team of aggressive attorneys, investigators, and experts provide the best possible defense at each stage of your case. We will work hard to fight the Government at every turn and pick apart every last shred of the evidence against you.

When you are up against false charges and everything is at stake—your freedom, your good name and your family—you need effective legal help immediately. From our offices in Ann Arbor, we have represented and continue to represent and counsel clients throughout the United States and internationally. We have the experience and flexibility to respond immediately to your legal needs. We are not limited by overwhelming caseload, unlike many state agencies. We give each case the attention, investigation and preparation it needs.

Sex Crimes

A conviction for a sex crime could lead to a lengthy prison term, GPS monitoring, sex offender registries, residency and occupational restrictions, loss of children’s custody – the list of direct and collateral consequences of a sex offense conviction grows more alarming every day.

False allegations of sexual misconduct can come from a wide variety of sources: A contentious divorce proceeding, battles over child custody or support, a vindictive ex-spouse or significant other, or allegations resulting from false memories.

Blue Collar Crimes

Blue-collar crime is a general, catch-all term used to describe many different offenses. While the term describes crimes committed by an individual of a lower social class (as opposed to a white-collar crime), the prosecutions and sentences are often very serious. Do not be misled by the term. Anyone, from any social standing, can be falsely accused of committing a blue-collar offense. Blue-collar crimes can include crimes such as arson, assault, battery, burglary, murder, sexual assault and theft crimes. Make no mistake…

White Collar Crimes

Rarely a day goes by without the newspapers or the media breaking the news of a white collar criminal investigation and prosecution. Stock fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, security fraud, mortgage fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, Medicare fraud… the list goes on.

White-collar crimes usually fall under federal jurisdiction and are subject to investigation by federal agencies (although the state agencies may bring a parallel or subsequent action on the heels of federal agencies).

Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Generally, Medicare/Medicaid and healthcare fraud occurs when an individual or larger entity (e.g., a corporate healthcare provider) defrauds an insurer or the United States government by submitting false claims for reimbursement from Medicaid, Medicare, and/or private insurance companies. Individuals may be liable for fraud based on a variety of acts and conduct. For instance, healthcare fraud charges may be based on billing the insurance provider for services/prescriptions which were never provided to a patient or are medically unnecessary.