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Children are precious to their parents. They remain so even during terrible arguments between the parents. They remain so when parents separate and divorce, and when parents embark upon life after divorce. So what happens when suddenly your child is afraid to be alone with you? What do you do if your daughter falsely accuses you of being “abusive?” What do you do when your son accuses you of being an absentee parent and of having abandoned him?

How do you fight the irrational, unjustified rejection of you as a parent? How do you counter the visceral, hateful falsehoods and distortions that are thrown against you in court:

“You were never there for us!”

“You are an alcoholic!”

“You are a narcissist!”

“You cheated on dad/mom and abandoned your family!”

“We hate you!”

If you are concerned that you are being seriously undermined as a parent and are in danger of losing your parent-child bond, you need to act now. Parental alienation destroys lives.

Parental Alienation In Domestic And International Family Law Cases

Our team has fought intense cases of parental alienation and pathological enmeshment between a parent and the child around the country and internationally. We have won custody and parenting time for the target parents, convinced judges to grant remedial mental health intervention and order criminal and financial sanctions against the alienating parent. We have successfully fought incompetent, corrupt therapists and other professionals who have enabled parental alienation. To some, our results seem like miracles. To us, it is a combination of using cutting-edge science in courtrooms along with skilled legal strategy and effective advocacy.

  • What do you do if your beloved child who has been in your spouse’s temporary custody is now telling authorities that you have abused him or her when you have done no such thing?
  • What do you do if you are falsely accused of domestic violence and your child is saying things that are untrue?
  • What do you do if you have been accused of sexual abuse of a minor and you think your soon-to-be ex orchestrated these accusations to gain the edge in a tough child custody dispute?
  • What do you do if your spouse has been triangulating the therapists, doctors and the guardian ad litem to portray you in false light as an abusive parent?

Tenacious, Aggressive And Efficient

When you are in a fight for your life, liberty, reputation and your flesh and blood — your children — you should obtain the best counsel you can find. And you don’t find that in the Yellow Pages. Nor can you rely on lawyers who practice collaborative family law, ask you to just be patient and “play nice in the sandbox.” Parental alienation is child psychological abuse; you cannot reason with an alienator. Our lawyers have extensive experience in tenaciously, efficiently and aggressively handling matters of parental alienation and related issues that may arise during the unfolding of such a case.

Our Trial Lawyer Knows Parental Alienation And The Law

Our lead attorney, Ashish Joshi, was trained by a renowned clinical and forensic psychologist and is a skilled trial lawyer. He is among a handful of lawyers in the world who has represented and counseled clients in highly contested cases in the United States, the European Court of Human Rights and international jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, India, Australia, Austria, British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. He has published and presented on topics involving parental alienation, child abuse, false sexual abuse allegations, child abduction and human rights, across the country and internationally and regularly joins forces with other internationally recognized scholars and attorneys in this legal area.

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