Ashish and I met when my local attorney brought him on to our team as a parental alienation consultant. It wasn’t long after that he became the team leader. While Ashish maintains a highly competitive practice in his field of international family law, I have always felt like I was his most important client and, at times, his only client.

Ashish is orderly and strategic. His services are high in caliber including a brilliant support team of professionals that scaffold additional support which offers greater efficiency and ultimate success for the client. We dumped onto Ashish an enormous amount of work that began nine years prior, all of it riddled with hotly contentious minutia, critical details, and numerous videos, pictures, and reports documenting the history. There was an extensive cast of players involved from the Department of Human Services, the Police Department, the Sheriff’s Department, the State Police, Child Advocacy Center, teachers, physicians, psychologists, counselors, tutors, caregivers, and extended family. None of this material was organized, outlined, charted, digitalized, and I daresay even comprehended as hard, potent evidence. It was overlooked, tangled, piling up, and going to waste, while we went down with it!

Ashish was stupendous in reviewing and accurately processing the plethora of information and evidence with which the case is built upon. He’s an avid reader, writer, and author, and he acquired the voluminous history and quickly devised the narratives and content, while simultaneously building personal rapport with me he is a phenomenal listener. He has a natural desire to share in his client’s experience, by their side, to gain critical insight. He is loyal and pure in his intentions by confiding in his client first. He is masterful at cutting losses, gaining an elevated position, and leading the case with sophisticated calculation towards fruition. It’s far more than intuitive or creative, it’s brilliance. It is a graceful performance of nuanced courtroom artistry.

In addition to superb legal services, Ashish is “in the know.” He is knowledgeable about and works well with nationally renowned experts. As a top professional in family law, his insight granted me the ability to access cutting-edge solutions from other reputable professionals to help relieve my children and me.

Ultimately, our lives are so different now with better health, education, and therapeutic opportunities. I have been able to relocate across the country with primary custody of my child. I wake each day with gratitude for Ashish because without his passionate dedication, incredible work ethic, and his strategic brilliance I fear we would continue to be suffering in the painful cycle of contentious litigation today.

M.B., New Orleans, Louisiana

I wish I had found Ashish Joshi earlier. Unfortunately, I discovered Mr. Joshi and his team too late, but his firm is second to none when it comes to their knowledge, services, passion, and compassion. What a pleasure it was to work with them and now for me to recommend them. They kept up with my case and kept me apprised of all developments and were quick to act and respond when needed and necessary. Parental alienation is such a specialized area of work and demands specialized attorneys. Mr. Joshi has the expertise and experience to handle and litigate the most formidable cases which are always found amongst alienated and targeted parents. You can rest and have peace of mind knowing he will do his absolute best to help you recover your children and your family. My recommendations: early intervention is the key!

M.H., Little Rock, Arkansas

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for Ashish Joshi. I did not understand what parental alienation was. But it soon became clear that this complex and counterintuitive situation was not well understood by local lawyers nor by the family court system. I realized things were not moving forward in a timely or urgent manner.

In my search for high-level experts, I discovered Ashish Joshi. Struggling with parental alienation is physically and emotionally draining so it was a tremendous relief to have someone knowledgeable and reliable on my side. Attorney Joshi was an excellent communicator and strategist, with a mind for effectively combining his vast knowledge of the science of alienation, state law, and the evidence at hand.
There are many factors working against the victims of parental alienation. Ashish helped me navigate the landmines. His exceptional ability to communicate with everyone involved, from the lawyers, the GAL, the Judge and even myself, was amazing to experience. His unique, passionate, and comprehensive skill set was vital to the successful resolution of my case.

T. S., Cincinnati, Ohio

I engaged Attorney Joshi after about two years of a bitter and complex post-divorce litigation that resulted in my child becoming increasingly alienated from me every step of the way. The more I sought support and attempted to explain the situation to local practitioners that were not well-versed in research, data, nuances and unique challenges of parental alienation – the more our case continued to spiral. Attorney Joshi collaborated seamlessly with my local attorney and brought a level of expertise that was essential to bring my case to a positive conclusion as efficiently as possible.

His command of leading research and peer-reviewed scientific data on the topic of parental alienation is extraordinarily valuable, and his ability to tap his network of experts to leverage information and facts that Courts and GALs are often not aware of, is crucial for any parent whose child is a victim parental alienation. Attorney Joshi is also an empathetic individual who brings with a calming and confident presence that is appreciated by all involved.

J.L., Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I met Mr. Joshi through an expert who dealt with parental alienation cases. I never imagined I’d need either, but Mr. Joshi’s degree of experience and practice with parental alienation cases is unmatched. He literally wrote the book on litigating such issues. He brought a level of knowledge lacking in my challenging custody case. His understanding of the finer nuances involved in parental alienation tactics was vital because my team and I could not always identify them. You can’t argue complex parental alienation cases if you don’t understand all aspects of parental alienation.

Beyond his knowledge, he has a group of experts in the field that are on the front lines of research and treatment to combat and reverse alienation. His Rolodex of experts is staggering.

What I find most noteworthy is Mr. Joshi’s demeanor in court. While other attorneys went low, he went high and always remained the consummate gentleman in a profession filled with combative attorneys.

While Mr. Joshi supports litigation as a route for a resolution, he is open to all possibilities. His depth of experience with all kinds of cases allows him to form creative solutions to impossible dilemmas. He is a true warrior for the cause of educating courts so that real solutions are possible for families.

A.N., California

You may not fully realize the profound effect you are having with parents who are suffering from parental alienation, but your Youtube videos and book (Litigating Parental Alienation) are offering hope to affected parents through a legal process, and I want to thank you… Prior to watching some of your videos, I had largely given up all hope for reconnecting with my kids. While you have never offered a guaranteed way to reconnect, you do offer the hope of leveraging legal processes to combat the negative impacts of parental alienation, which are agnostic of all superficial designations (e.g., sex, religion, race, age, etc.)… In an age where many people might give up in the long walk through the dark tunnel of legal processes, you offer a glimmer of hope, an approach to litigating parental alienation about which I did not previously know … despite engagement with four different family law attorneys…I want you to know that you … are … making a difference.

J.A., Texas

Ashish Joshi has a keen strategic mind which he uses to put together an overall strategy to help you regain access to your children and counter the effects of parental alienation. He has an encyclopedic understanding of the laws and precedents you need to advance your case. And he has a disarming and gentle manner in court which gives his side of the case a reasonable and winning air.

M.R., Pittsfield, Massachusetts

As a mother of a daughter faced with parental separation since infancy, I found myself mired in a family dynamic that evolved into a medico-legal nightmare. Under her father’s influence, our daughter’s negativity towards me worsened progressively – she became weaponized against me – falsely claiming that I starve her and physically and sexually assault her. Despite the considerable experience and tenacity of my local counsel, officials had the case backward. Not only was I facing the potential loss of my daughter’s mental health, but also the loss of my career, and my ability to provide for her. Undaunted by local politics and a seeming lack of understanding, enter Ashish. Ashish not only really listens to me, but he skillfully works with the locals to truly understand the settled science of parental alienation. Ashish also facilitates solutions for a medico-legal treatment plan — to get children placed in such a precarious position — back on track towards health, prosperity, and happiness.

C.W., Rapid City, South Dakota

Despite feeling confident in my attorney, I decided to retain Ashish because I knew I needed an expert to litigate idiosyncrasies and the counterintuitive nature of parental alienation. I knew of his collaborations with high-powered experts in the field and when speaking with him I felt assured in his direct and no nonsense approach. He knows the pain and anguish we alienated parents go through and unlike many attorneys, he got to the point and didn’t try to dilly dally around wasting time by being respectful of the huge costs we incur to save our precious children from this heinous crime. I know Ashish did all he could and his litigation was superb. In my case, unfortunately while proving parental alienation, the judge refused to order the mental health and custodial intervention that the evidence warranted. While I’m devastated by the ruling, I know it had nothing to do with Ashish’s expert performance.

D. T., Indiana

Navigating oneself through a case of child abuse is a life-altering experience. I spoke to a couple of different lawyers about my case before choosing Ashish as the best person to handle it. What set him and his team apart from the rest is how much they genuinely care about their clients. Even when my life got busy with other responsibilities, Ashish made sure to keep me updated about the case progress and check in for any updates on my end. I am very grateful to Ashish for always making me feel heard and supported throughout the entire process.

N.P., Detroit, Michigan

If you find yourself in the most painful, complicated situation that is parental alienation, Ashish is the one you want leading the charge to fight for your child’s well-being and your relationship with your child. He has the unique ability to understand the counterintuitive nature of this awful plight, cut through the chaotic and emotional mess that accompanies it, and argue effectively to unravel the minutiae.

Ashish has demonstrated that he is not another ego-driven attorney who stands alone, but one who surrounds himself with those who are equally passionate about fighting for children who deserve to love and be loved by both parents. He is continuously learning from the experts, and elevating his expertise as a result. He truly listens to the parent, the primary expert in these cases, with compassion and a deep commitment to understanding and helping. I only wish I found him sooner.

K.B., Connecticut

I have worked with Mr. Joshi on many parental alienation cases. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to think creatively about each case. He can be a very strong litigator, however, he is also eager to make agreements outside of the courtroom that will benefit the child. He is qualified and experienced to help a parent navigate through the complex issues that arise in a parental alienation case. He stays up to date on the latest research, interventions, and case law as he advocates for children and their right to have a relationship with both parents, but is willing to take bold action when that is the best option. He is very accessible to clients and professionals to consult, answer questions and provide helpful guidance. Mr. Joshi has the respect and trust of both clients and professionals.

A. VG., Therapist / Counselor, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ashish consistently handled our case with the utmost professionalism, wisdom and experience. He was thorough throughout all of the complexities we encountered, and handled it all with his calm demeanor, and his underlying passion for justice to prevail. He has great contacts to reach out to when a court expert or treatment program is needed as well. With Ashish on our case I completely trusted that we were doing all that was possible. He is wonderful to work with and filled with knowledge and compassion for his clients.

M.R., Winchester, Indiana.

I came to Joshi Attorneys 3 years into my custody battle. My previous attorney was good but things were only getting worse. I was being denied access to my daughter, harmful and slanderous accusations were being waged against me, there was an open CPS investigation and my attorney wanted to wait and see what comes of it. Well, the waiting went on for 6 months with CPS showing up at my door regularly. I was at a loss, I hadn’t had access to my daughter yet I somehow became the target of an investigation. Andy Bossory took a more aggressive approach. When CPS showed up Andy was there. Andy filed show cause motions each and every time I was denied parenting time. He uses aggressive legal tactics to get results and he does this all while maintaining a polite smile on his face. We’ve all heard the saying don’t mistake my kindness for weakness… Andy is kind caring and compassionate, he certainly does not have an aggressive personality. But he is an aggressive legal advocate and everything you could ask for in a lawyer.

A.F., Okemos, Michigan

After searching the country for someone who was qualified and willing to take my very difficult case, it was a great relief to find someone as professional as Mr Ashish Joshi to help me with my legal problems. He not only believed me he believed “in” me. His expertise and vast experience gave me comfort and confidence I was making the right decision. I would highly recommend him as legal counsel. His integrity in a field full of those only interested in themselves is unparalleled.

A.W., Salt Lake City, Utah

Blindsided by an emergency order filed by my children’s father and shoved into family court, I was not prepared to navigate my way through such an adversarial environment. Nor was I prepared for the toll it would take trying to simultaneously defend myself and protect my children. Further complicating matters, the dynamics of my case—false allegations of “parental alienation”—didn’t fit into the box that experienced professionals expected, leaving everyone unsure what were the appropriate steps to take next. As my case continued to progress, it became clear that my initial attorney didn’t have the knowledge, experience, time or resources to continue representing me which prompted me to reach out to the Joshi firm. It was clear during my very first interaction with Ashish that he was not only well-versed in the issues that plagued cases similar to mine but was also straightforward in presenting all the facts and possible outcomes. He was quickly able to grasp the complexities of my case with a proficiency that was unmatched by multiple professionals involved throughout the process.

Ashish and his team possess the traits that make up an exceptionally strong and competent legal team; knowledgeable, determined, assertive, professional. Their passion for law reflects in their work and commitment to each client. Ashish is a strong advocate, assertive and strategic in the courtroom, and well respected within the legal community. He is generously committed to sharing his knowledge and making a difference within family law. This firm also excels in ways that are far more important to clients like myself …intimidated by the system, often feeling silenced and scared, the Joshi team made a significant difference in my feeling safer and more empowered to stand up for myself, both inside and outside the courtroom. These are the qualities that sets this firm apart from so many others. Words could never adequately express the gratitude and respect I have for Ashish and his team and everything they have done for my family.

B.R., Grand Haven, Michigan

I found Ashish and his hardworking team to go above and beyond what I expected from a legal team. The compassion they showed and their dedication and pro-activeness was truly remarkable.

A.J., Seattle, Washington

Not just any attorney is capable of effectively trying a parental alienation (PA) case. Many will say that they are, but they simply are not. It is a highly specialized kind of case that requires deep and valid experience. There are few attorneys who have that experience. My son and daughter were told I had never been a true father to them, that I was a poor excuse for a man. Our relationship was on a downward spiral and I was desperate to stop it. Enter Ashish Joshi. We immediately had a strategy, an action plan and a collection of evidence to educate our judge on the abuse my children were enduring. Mr. Joshi was a God-send angel. We only wish we had the ability to anticipate things so that we would have hired him on day one.

A.B., Chicago, Illinois

Ashish represented me in one of the most severe parental alienation cases to ever hit our family court. Alienation cases are very counter intuitive, and a typical family law attorney is a waste of time and money. Also, you need an attorney that is not part of “the club.” “The club” is the system of GAL’s, counselors, attorneys, and evaluators that many times will escalate an alienation case (sometimes inadvertently) and make money at the expense of you and your children. In my case, I knew that I needed to get an attorney outside of my geographic area, and Ashish was the answer. If I had not made that move, I would have forever lost my children.

C. C., Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have been fortunate and privileged to have Ashish as a counselor working on my case for the past three years. He has been very instrumental in the strategic planning of the details involving my case. I am yet to meet an attorney as compassionate, brilliant and passionate about his work as Ashish.

W.E., State College, Pennsylvania

Ashish is by far the best in class and unquestionably a national leader among multidisciplinary defense attorneys. His impressive levels of trial and litigation skills are unparalleled and designed to shake up any courtroom in the country. Ashish executes a very methodically unique and strategic approach with every case.

M.P., Grand Haven, Michigan

Ashish is undoubtedly one of the best attorneys I have known. Kind, compassionate, responsive and above all extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter.

J.K., Phoenix, Arizona

Ashish is an outstanding attorney. He is a very creative and strategic thinker and he is not afraid to think outside the box. He is extremely well-organized and makes himself available as needed. His courtroom presence is organized, professional, respectful and powerful. I would recommend Ashish to anyone looking for a great attorney and an experienced litigator.

F. S., Rochester, New York

Ashish and his staff have advised us in business matters over the years with our international expansion. They are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the service we have received.

D.M., Southfield, Michigan

Excellent pragmatic result driven lawyer and law firm with practice ranging from international law to family law. Deep knowledge, dedication, focus, and excellent ability to propose creative solutions to resolve any issues.

R.D., Silicon Valley, California

Ashish is an exceptional lawyer with a passion for assisting his clients and practicing law. He routinely goes above and beyond to make sure the client is satisfied and quickly gets up to speed on even the most complex issues. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced litigator.

K.S., Detroit, Michigan

Ashish is a very clear thinking and intelligent attorney who is very timely in getting the job done. Ashish is a great value to a client.

D.N., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ashish understands your thoughts, views on the subject. He is very methodical, analytical and will spend time to understand the problem before jumping on to conclusion. He will not hesitate in pointing out where I was wrong. I have recommended him to my business colleagues and he has successfully executed work for every one time and again.

A.N., New Delhi, India and Michigan

In my collaborations with Ashish I have been much impressed by how thoroughly he comes to understand the bedrock issues in a case, as by how adeptly he is able to cut through the noise and secure the client’s best way forward. It’s clear that Ashish is a natural-born litigator with a real passion for what he does. He’s also a great pleasure to work with.

B.B., Troy, Michigan


When I need a legal resource in the fight against parental alienation, Ashish Joshi is my go-to person. He is a lawyer in Michigan licensed in NY, MI, and DC, he also represents and counsels clients all over the country and internationally as a part of their legal team. Mr. Joshi has been admitted to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States, State Bars of New York, Michigan, District of Columbia, and Gujarat, India. He is well connected and at times can come up with a name of a lawyer who is knowledgeable about parental alienation in various States.

Ashish is an author of several books regarding litigation in parental alienation. He gives lectures which access thousands of alienated parents around the world, and has innovative ideas on how to deal with the problem of parental alienation. For example, he talks about suing alienators, reporting psychotherapists and taking other players to court. I like his fighting spirit, knowledge of the dynamics and creative strategies to fight parental alienation.

Ashish is personable, so do not hesitate to consult with him. He will do his best to help you. If he cannot take your case in a certain State, he can consult with the attorney you hire and increase your chances of succeeding in your situation.

L. S., Ph.D.
Los Angeles, CA

I am a mental health professional who has worked almost exclusively in the family law field for the past fifteen years. During those fifteen years, I have worked with countless attorneys. Very quickly after working together the first time, Ashish became one of my favorite attorneys to work with. Ashish will quickly impress with his intelligence, passion, ability to communicate, and knowledge of complex separation and post-separation family dynamics. I am most impressed with Ashish’s ability to get results that are in the best interest of families. Results this positive are obtained by being creative, by being thorough, and by thinking outside the box. Clients are in good hands when represented by Ashish’s firm.

B.B., Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ashish is smart, articulate and well versed in psychological dynamics impacting familial relationships. Although he’s the utmost professional, he is zealous about mining the truth and will challenge me and other mental health professionals working a case. He works diligently and smartly for his clients, leaving no room for others to be incompetent or the courts to be without critical information in understanding a case and pursuing judicious and timely outcomes.

R.F., Psychologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ashish is a very knowledgeable attorney with rare expertise in litigating family law cases in which there is parental alienation. He is also open to sharing his expertise with other attorneys who are litigating similar cases. I highly recommend working with him!

J.H., Forensic Psychologist & Associate Professor, Denver, Colorado

Ashish Joshi is an outstanding attorney. He is competent, intelligent, diligent, and easy to work with even under duress.

C.B., Ph.D., J.D., Minneapolis, Minnesota


Ashish is able to synthesize complex issues into something the client can both understand and feel great about. He has a keen ability to garner the trust and respect of the client and all those with whom he comes into contact during the litigation process.

C. S., Berne, Indiana

Ashish is an incredibly impressive and talented attorney. I had the pleasure of working with Ashish to litigate issues in a complex family law case that involved alienation and mental health concerns. Ashish was professional, a great strategist, always prepared, and an outstanding litigator. Due mostly to Ashish’s outstanding work, we prevailed at a trial involving a complicated medical issue in a high conflict custody case.

N.M., San Jose, California

I had the pleasure of working with Ashish as co-counsel in a high-conflict custody matter. He, his partner, and his office were top-notch. Smart on the law, prudent client control efforts, and a great teammate. Highly recommended.

J.K., San Francisco, California

“Honorable,” “brilliant,” and “fearless” are three words that come to mind when I think of Ashish. I can attest to Ashish’s decency in keeping his clients’ best interests always at the forefront of all considerations. At the same time, I can also vouch for his unmatched lawyering skills and zeal that make him an adversary’s nightmare.

J.S., Detroit, Michigan

Ashish Joshi is a charming and extremely bright attorney. I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know him, because of our shared interests in white collar criminal defense and international law. He is an accomplished writer and speaker, as well as a litigator, and I recommend him without hesitation.

M.C., Houston, Texas

Ashish is a renaissance lawyer, proficient in multidisciplinary fields with an emphasis on defending the rights of the accused in state and federal courts throughout the nation. His skill set in managing conflict is commendable, he is a tremendous asset.

B.W., Miami, Florida

Ashish’s analytical abilities gives him an edge over his colleagues and provides desired results for the clients.

V.D., Mumbai, India