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June 2020 Archives

Michigan Court of Appeals clarifies attorney-client privilege

It is likely that all of our Ann Arbor blog readers have seen at least one courtroom drama on TV or in movies in which attorney-client privilege played a prominent role. While the concept is a familiar one, details of what is and is not privileged communication between a lawyer and client likely remain elusive.

The heavy price of conviction

What is the worst thing that the state of Michigan can do to someone convicted of a crime? The obvious answer is the correct one: the state can sentence that person to spend years of their life in prison. But when people try to think of the next worse thing the state or federal government can do, the answers are not nearly as clear or obvious.

Federal officials investigating alleged virus-related fraud in Michigan

The coronavirus pandemic has upended lives across the U.S. and around the world. Law enforcement officials say they have launched investigations to protect members of an anxious public from various forms of virus-related fraud.

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