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Political overtones in Medicare fraud case

As our regular readers know, we do not share political views in our Ann Arbor criminal defense blog. But so many news items have been politicized in these highly charged times that it’s impossible not to note the political significance of some news reports.

A federal court recently ruled that Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen must remain behind bars as he appeals a conviction in April of last year for Medicare fraud. Melgen was a co-defendant with Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey in a corruption case that ended in mistrial in late 2017.

Michigan charter school shuts down amid fraud investigation

While we’re all enjoying another beautiful Michigan summer, it comes as no surprise that a school is shuttered. However, this school is an online facility and has reportedly voluntarily shut down operations after State Police launched an investigation into allegations of fraud.

The Paris Academy has informed parents that the school is closing, according to a news report.

DOJ announces health care fraud charges against 35 in Michigan

On its website, the Department of Justice recently announced charges against 601 people across the United States as part of its National Health Care Fraud Takedown. The defendants include 76 doctors who are accused of illegal prescription peddling “and distributing opioids and other dangerous narcotics.”  

Among those arrested were 35 in the Eastern District of Michigan. The DOJ said they are facing charges of fraud, money laundering and participating in drug diversion schemes that resulted in about $197 million in false Medicare claims for medical services that weren’t necessary or weren’t performed.

When business disputes cross international borders

The world is becoming more globalized each day. Instant communication across oceans and time zones is simpler than ever. It’s becoming increasingly easy to set up a business in Detroit with a partner in Delhi.

The ease of international collaboration creates many opportunities for developing businesses. However, it also brings its share of complications. When conflict arises with a partner, vendor or manufacturer, there can be additional legal challenges when the disputing parties reside in different countries.

Judge saves Pitt from parental alienation

When celebrities are at their peak of fame, we live vicariously through them. When their lives take a turn for the worse, however, it's easy to separate ourselves from the celebrity and rejoice in the proof that no one can be that perfect.

For over a decade, much of the U.S. has been captivated by the couple known as "Brangelina". Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie started off an unlikely duo for breaking Jennifer Aniston's heart, but gained favor with the public when they began their family. Having adopted three of their six children from third-world countries, the couple called attention to humanitarian crises around the world. While their love story had evolved into a modern day fairy-tale, it took the shape of a nightmare in 2016.

Troubled waters: recovering international assets after divorce

Stranded in Dubai, a 377-foot yacht is being fought over by a Russian oligarch who refuses to hand over a penny to his ex-wife. With rounds of divorce proceedings in the ex-couple’s past, this case has family law complexities stacked on top of high asset business division complexities.

With an amassed fortune of around $1.4 billion from the sale of a company, and the purchase of this $500 million boat, the opportunity for a large settlement may have prompted the ex-wife to seek another divorce case—and this time she is trying the case in the English courts.

What is a white-collar crime?

What does it mean when someone is called a white-collar worker? It usually means that the person is trained and skilled and that they work in a an office as accountants, engineers, bankers, architects, realtors and so on.

When someone is accused in Michigan of a white-collar crime, it typically means that they are a business or government professional who has been charged with one of several types of fraud. The FBI says it investigates a wide variety of white-collar crimes, including fraud involving securities, health care, public corruption, mortgages, embezzlement, money laundering, commodities and more.

Bad paternal relationships linked to juvenile delinquency

There has been a long-standing notion that children with absentee fathers are more likely to engage in illicit behaviors--such as drug and alcohol abuse and criminal activity. And the statistics back this assumption up. However, the Journal of Adolescence released a recent study, which investigated this connection more scrupulously.

The study examined over 1,200 delinquent male youth across the country. It looked not just at whether or not each child's father was present in their life, but if they were, what that relationship was like. If a father had a hostile relationship with his son, this study participant was categorized differently than a participant who had a supportive relationship with his father.

Federal drug raids carried out from Michigan to West Virginia

The nation's opioid crisis is regularly in the news with officials grappling with ways in which to reduce the demand for powerful painkillers. Unsurprisingly, authorities often fall back on law enforcement to try to address problems with behavior and addiction.

Authorities recently announced more than 90 arrests on federal drug-trafficking charges from Michigan to Ohio and West Virginia. Those taken into custody are accused of operating a fentanyl and heroin distribution ring that was led by two brothers.

Michigan woman accused of fraud in puppy sales

If you drive south of Ann Arbor on US 23 for about 30 minutes, you will come to Dundee, Michigan. The Monroe County village has a population of about 4,000 who are proud of their Old Mill Museum and Sterling State Park.

The small town recently learned that one of its residents is facing fraud charges. A 39-year-old Dundee woman is accused of selling a dozen sick puppies to unsuspecting customers. She was arrested by local law enforcement and charged with felony defrauding and false pretenses, according to a news report.

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