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Detroit mother and daughter accused of retail fraud

It is very likely that some of our readers are familiar with Detroit’s west side – specifically the corner of Michigan Avenue and Casper Street. The brick-fronted Cas Bar sits there, hosting its small crowd of regulars, bikers and hipsters.

Described as “a total dive” by the Free Press, the Cas Bar is run by a mother and daughter team. But the establishment’s management team is facing several criminal charges, including criminal enterprise, conspiracy to commit organized retail crime and concealing stolen property, the newspaper reports.

Tax changes will alter divorces and spousal support in 2019

We have seen it happen here in Michigan at the start of every new year: people decide that they have given their marriages enough second chances. For many, the holiday season served as a final attempt to salvage the relationship, but now that yuletide has passed and the lights and tree have been taken down, it’s time to start not only a new year, but a new phase in life.

There are some changes to the law to discuss with an experienced family law attorney, however. Last year’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have a significant impact on divorce planning this year. In the past, spousal support payments were tax deductible for the spouse making those alimony payments.

Prosecutors: doctors flee rather than face health care fraud charges

The Detroit News recently reported that 16 area doctors and medical professionals have left the country after they were charged with health care fraud or opioid-related criminal activity. Prosecutors recently cited the cases when arguing to keep Dr. Rajendra Bothra behind bars as he awaits trial in one of the largest health care fraud investigations in American history.

A U.S. Magistrate judge agreed with prosecutors that Bothra’s wealth and ties to India makes him a flight risk. The news report says that medical professionals who have in recent years fled the country after criminal charges were announced have two things in common: lots of money and ties to foreign destinations.

Former Michigan State president faces felony perjury charges

At the beginning of 2018, Lou Anna K. Simon was one of the most powerful figures in Michigan education. Now the former president of Michigan State University is facing felony charges of lying to a peace officer.

Simon – who resigned as MSU president back in late January – is accused of lying to police about what she knew of Larry Nassar's abuse of a patient in 2014 at the MSU Sports Medicine Clinic.

Michigan man accused of selling phony Social Security cards

According to federal investigators, the West Michigan man’s business card indicated that he was from a company providing painting services. Though the back of the card was adorned with an image of Jesus, U.S. Homeland Security Investigations says there was nothing saintly about his alleged attempts to sell fraudulent Social Security and Permanent Resident cards.

He has been charged with a federal felony: transfer of false identification documents. If convicted he could be sentenced to up to 15 years in a federal prison.

Heath care fraud, wire fraud charges dropped against doctor

There is little doubt that when the federal indictments were announced, many observers believed the doctor was guilty and would pay a heavy price for serious crimes. There is also little doubt that many of those same observers missed the news that the physician has been exonerated and all of the 32 counts of alleged health care fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud have been dropped by prosecutors.

Criminal defense attorneys for Dr. Roland Chalifoux are clearly pleased that they have been able to make it clear to federal prosecutors that the indictments announced a little over a year ago were meritless and would not hold up in court.

Where does Ann Arbor rank in Michigan marijuana arrests?

They say that the three things most important in real estate are location, location, location. It appears that location also has much to do with how likely a person is to be arrested on marijuana-related charges in Michigan.

According to data compiled by the Michigan State Police, a person is three times more likely to be arrested in Ann Arbor on weed-related charges than in West Bloomfield Township (the city with the lowest arrest rate in the state) – a mere 35 miles away.

Psychologist indicted on health care fraud, ID theft charges

There are many Ann Arbor residents who make the pilgrimage west in order to enjoy the famous skyline, blues music or to sample the local cuisine that includes deep dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches and legendary hot dogs. We’re referring to Chicago, of course.

A psychologist there is facing the possibility that she will be denied the pleasures of her hometown if she is convicted of health care fraud. She is accused of submitting fraudulent claims to Medicare and health insurance companies in a scheme that prosecutors allege lasted for years.

Federal white collar charges filed against West Michigan suspects

It’s about a two-hour drive due west of Ann Arbor to get to Kalamazoo. The city is home to five people recently arrested on federal white collar crime charges involving allegations of identity theft and credit card fraud in several West Michigan towns.

A spokesperson for the United States Postal Inspection Service alleged that the suspects opened credit cards in the names of victims, had the cards shipped to their homes and then stole the cards from their mail. The cards were then reportedly used at Meijer stores in Kalamazoo, Portage, Battle Creek, Benton Harbor and other towns.

Part II: Court-appointed guardians in parental alienation matters

Regular readers of our Ann Arbor legal blog know that our previous post dove into the legal complexities of parental alienation in divorce. In the Michigan Family Law Journal, attorney Ashish Joshi wrote that parental alienation cases involve “an unjustified campaign of denigration against a parent, often referred to as the 'target parent.'"

Courts have increasingly appointing a GAL (guardian ad litem) or LGAL (lawyer-guardian ad litem) in these matters. GALs help the court understand the child’s best interests and LGALs are appointed to “determine and then advocate for the child's best interests."

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