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Michigan pizza joint owners accused of felony fraud

You have to drive more than two and a half hours north of Ann Arbor to get a slice at Mama Cillie’s Pizzeria. The little pizza shop is just steps away from Lake Budd in Harrison, Michigan.

The pizzeria's owners were recently arrested on white collar crime charges, the Clare County Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement.

Supreme Court: Should a US warrant apply in a foreign nation?

If a company like Microsoft stores emails in data centers located abroad, are those emails out of the reach of U.S. prosecutors?

That was the question before the U.S. Supreme Court this week. The case involves a warrant the Drug Enforcement Administration obtained under the authority of the 1986 Stored Communications Act. The DEA was after the emails of a drug trafficking suspect. Microsoft, however, has those emails stored in a data center in Ireland. It argues that Stored Communications Act warrants can't be applied in other countries and refuses to turn over the emails.

Feds charge 8 in Michigan with bank fraud in 'Felony Lane Scheme'

When you go to your Ann Arbor bank's drive-thru and pull into the lane farthest from the teller, you're in the so-called Felony Lane. The name comes from a multi-part scheme that involves ID theft and bank fraud.

According to news reports, the Felony Lane Scheme was recently put into action in western Michigan. It resulted in the arrests of eight men and women on charges of bank fraud, conspiracy to commit bank fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Four facing embezzlement allegations in Michigan case

If you drive north of Ann Arbor for about five hours, you will come to the UP's Sault Ste. Marie. The historic, waterfront town is a popular destination for summer travelers. In fact, its popularity among tourists is part of what made an embezzlement scheme successful, law enforcement officials say.

Four former hotel management employees are accused of white collar crimes that netted them about $500,000, police say. The money was allegedly embezzled from both the Ramada Plaza Hotel Ojibway in downtown Sault Ste. Marie and some of the guests who stayed there.

Understanding public interest litigation in India

Public interest litigation (PIL) is an important concept in the Indian legal system. In a society with high income disparity and an ingrained caste system, PILs function as a means of supporting marginalized groups and giving voice to the common man.

What is public interest litigation?

How to make an employee arbitration agreement work for you

You’ve probably seen one before. You get offered a new job, and your human resources liaison hands you a stack of documents to sign. Tucked away in the pile is an employment arbitration agreement—an innocuous-looking form which essentially states that if you have a legal dispute with your employer, you’ll agree to deal with it through arbitration (rather than litigation). “That’s fine,” you think. After all, everyone at the company seems perfectly honest and respectful—you don’t anticipate any problems at all.

While all of this may be true—and while the chances may be good that you’ll never encounter legal issues with your employer—have you thought about what rights you’re actually giving up by signing? In a worst-case scenario, what can you stand to lose? A few things:

What happens when your ex-spouse moves abroad with your kids?

If, following a divorce, your spouse decides to move to another country, they may encounter legal hurdles if they try to take your child with them. International child custody cases can arise in a variety of scenarios. They commonly occur when:

  • A couple divorces/separates, and one parent wants to move to another country with the child;
  • A couple has divorced/separated, and one parent--against the will of the other parent--has already moved with the child to another country or
  • One parent distrusts the custody-related court proceedings in a particular country.

Michigan cop seen attacking defenseless woman in video

If you drive west on Interstate 94 from Ann Arbor and then south on I-69, you will come to Coldwater, Michigan, after about 90 minutes. The police department there in the town of about 11,000 is evidence that not everything officers say or do is true or honest or accurate. We certainly do not mean to disparage all cops for what happened in Coldwater, but if you watch the video what an officer did to a woman under arrest there, you will be appalled.

The Coldwater police department is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by the 31-year-old woman seen in the video. She says excessive force was used during her arrest and that officers then lied about the violent incident which left her bloodied, battered and with a concussion.

Michigan to implement cybercrime hotline

Cybercrimes are becoming more commonplace and sophisticated every day, and they can cause serious damage to private citizens and businesses. National efforts are being executed to fight cybercrime, but some states are working on their own plans.

The Cybercrime Support Network (CSN) is a nonprofit corporation that is currently working on implementing a pilot program to train 911 and 211 front-line specialists to assign urgency to cybercrime calls. The public will also be trained on how to call 211 in the event of a cybercrime. CSN will work with federal, state and local law enforcement and the 211 system to add services to the existing 211 hotline infrastructure. AT&T has signed on as the project’s first private-sector sponsor.

The aftermath of demonetization in India

One year ago, India made a bold and controversial move. In an attempt to thwart “black money”—which encompasses undeclared wealth, counterfeit banknotes and networks that finance terror activities—the government banned all 500 and 1,000 Rupee notes from use. The hope was that criminals—wanting to avoid exposure—would be afraid to exchange their cash in for smaller denominations and would instead be stuck with heaps of worthless paper.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go exactly as planned. Seemingly overnight, advanced money-laundering networks materialized, allowing corrupt officials, businessmen and criminals to deposit enormous quantities of undeclared money without anyone raising en eyebrow.

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