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Michigan Supreme Court clarifies impact of virus-related measures on your court orders

The novel coronavirus has upended life across Michigan, the nation and around the globe. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a statewide stay-at-home order to try to slow the spread of the virus.

The Michigan Supreme Court has also weighed in on coronavirus-related limitations on courtroom operations. The court issued a statement to clarify matters for parents who live apart and "might be confused about changing family situations and their court orders."

Part II: Understanding parental alienation

Regular readers of our Ann Arbor legal blog will undoubtedly recall that we recently published a post that took a look at Attorney Ashish S. Joshi's "Temporary No-Contact Orders: The Necessary Ingredient for Effective Reunification in Cases Involving Parental Alienation" that was published in the Michigan Family Law Journal. (You can read part one of "Understanding Parental Alienation" here.)

Attorney Joshi points out that there much important work remains after a court has determined that a family law case involves parental alienation. The next step for the court is to decide in the best interests of the child on needed legal and mental health interventions.

Part I: Understanding parental alienation

There are few in the world of family law as well-regarded and influential as Attorney Ashish S. Joshi on the subjects of complex divorce and parental alienation. Ann Arbor’s Joshi recently authored “Temporary No-Contact Orders: The Necessary Ingredient for Effective Reunification in Cases Involving Parental Alienation,” published in the Michigan Family Law Journal.

He notes that though parental alienation has received media attention in recent years, it’s not a new phenomenon: “The concept of parental alienation has been acknowledged and addressed by English-speaking courts for the last 200 years.”

Suburban Detroit woman accused of ID theft, fraud

On most days, it take a little under an hour to drive northeast of Ann Arbor to Royal Oak. The Detroit suburb was where a Ferndale woman was recently arrested and charged with several fraud-related crimes, a news report stated.

She’s been charged with identity theft, obtaining and possessing personal identifying information, transfer with intent to commit identity theft, stealing and retaining using a financial transaction device and larceny.

Michigan man faces bank robbery charge

It is just 101 miles northeast of Ann Arbor to get to Port Huron. The lakeside city is a popular summertime tourist destination, but made headlines recently after a 49-year-old man was arrested for bank robbery there. Some of our readers will likely recall that a 42-year-old Port Huron woman was arrested on an unrelated bank robbery charge last month.

In the most recent case, the suspect was taken into custody at a residence after law enforcement officials had received a tip about him, the robbery and his location. Police said they found evidence inside the residence that could link him to the robbery.

Pair of Detroit-area doctors accused of health care fraud

No one should doubt the seriousness with which law enforcement officials take allegations of health care fraud. Two Detroit-area doctors have recently pleaded guilty to health care fraud charges and are facing harsh punishments.

A psychologist was recently sentenced to serve 51 months in a federal prison for his involvement in a $3 million scheme that officials said defrauded Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

Suspect in 2018 Ann Arbor shooting captured

In the center of the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus sits The Diag. And at the center of that open space of crisscrossed sidewalks sits a brass block "M." Legend has it that a student who steps on the "M" before taking a Blue Book test will fail that exam.

While that bit of lore is fiction, it's certainly true that a man who was charged with assault with intent to murder for his alleged role in a 2018 shooting near The Diag was recently arrested. Jacob Labelle was taken into custody in Chicago after a year-long search began when he fled just prior to his conviction on the assault charge.

Former Detroit Lions player, 9 others accused of health care fraud

Ceandris “C.C.” Brown was last in the NFL a decade ago when the safety was with the Detroit Lions. He also played with the Texans and Giants.

Brown is one of 10 former NFL players charged with wire fraud, health care fraud and more for their alleged participation in a scheme to submit false claims to a health care plan for reimbursements for expensive equipment that was never purchased.

Violent crimes charges filed after deadly Michigan home invasion

If you drive about an hour and a half due west of Ann Arbor, you will arrive in Comstock Township. The town of about 14,000 was the site of a recent home invasion in which a homeowner was killed.

Three police officers were also shot. All are expected to have full recoveries, news reports stated. A 35-year-old suspect was taken into custody at the Comstock home and has been charged with violent crimes that include murder, home invasion, kidnapping and more.

Detroit-area jeweler accused of fraud in complex diamond scheme

One man claims to have lost between $2.5 million and $3 million. A regular customer says has been bilked out of about $450,000. A third man is a family friend who says he has lost about $3 million.

All three claim they are victims of a 58-year-old Detroit-area jeweler who has been arrested and charged with federal wire fraud.

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