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Praise for Ashish Joshi’s Litigating Parental Alienation

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2021 | Firm News |

Recently, Contributing Editor Jonathan W. Lounsberry of Litigation News reviewed Ashish Joshi’s Litigating Parental Alienation. He sees the book as an effective way to address complex issues in family courts that have occurred over the past 30 years. Over that time, discussions and debates have continued on the subject of parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome.

The reviewer praises all nine chapters for systematically addressing topics that include the admissibility of expert testimony, intervention strategies, common misinformation, and litigation of cases. The chapters are laid out to help the reader understand the issues covered in the book from both a legal and psychological perspective while offering them access to resources where they can further study the subject.

Litigators can benefit from reading the book as it can help them address a legally complex and emotionally charged topic, specifically the challenges in securing evidence involving psychological issues and presenting them to a family court judge.

Lounsberry’s overall assessment of Litigating Parental Alienation is highly praiseworthy as he considers it an essential and true desk reference that should be part of any family law attorney’s library.