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Ashish Joshi appears on The Dr. Sue Show

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Firm News, Parental Alienation |

When Dr. Sue Cornbluth wanted to talk about parental alienation on her weekly radio broadcast that ranks in the Top 100 podcasts worldwide by the Huffington Post, she contacted a renowned expert who happens to be the owner and managing partner of Joshi Attorneys + Counselors.

Few family law attorneys possess the experience and knowledge of Ashish Joshi. On a recent appearance on The Dr. Sue Show, he proved why he is considered a renowned expert on one of the more legally complex and emotionally charges aspects of family law.

Hands-on experience and insight into parental alienation

Ashish Joshi has been on the front lines of high-stakes disputes and litigation at the state, federal and international levels. During the interview, he recounted his career, starting with his arrival in the United States in 2001 to pursue a master’s in law.

His first exposure to parental alienation came while working with a lawyer who was also a clinical psychologist. Over time, he learned from the ground up and developed his own passion when it came to this expanding area of divorce proceedings both nationally and internationally. Today, he teaches judges about the subject throughout the country.

Overcoming the division

Parental alienation is a controversial topic that is hotly debated in family courts throughout the country. During the discussion with Dr. Sue, Mr. Joshi detailed the divide between parents that takes the form of two categories: “preferred” and “targeted.” The child ends up aligning with the preferred parent and rejects the target parent without anything resembling legitimate justification. In far too many cases, that alliance is usually built on a foundation of programming and brainwashing.

Instead of continuous filings of motions, countless court appearances, and other legal strategies, Mr. Joshi expressed his belief that the judges must step in immediately to save the child from psychological abuse. Protecting the child from psychological abuse is paramount, not to mention the relationship with the alienated parent.

Time is of the essence, Mr. Joshi concluded. The older the child, the more likely that the manipulation could be irreversible.