Michigan State Police arrest woman in far-ranging alleged scam

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2019 | White Collar Crimes

Michigan State Police recently arrested a woman who they believe is part of a scam that ranges from Detroit to Pennsylvania, Georgia, Syria and Poland. The 59-year-old was taken into custody on nine counts of criminal conspiracy to commit theft by deception and receiving stolen property, a news source reported.

She is being held in a Detroit-area jail until she can be extradited to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where she allegedly helped scam more than $110,000 from a woman there.

Law enforcement officials say they believe suspect convinced the Lancaster woman to help a British physician who was trapped in Syria after going there on a humanitarian mission. But police say the “doctor” was actually the suspect’s accomplice merely posing as a physician.

Officials said they are still investigating the matter and are in pursuit of the accomplice and others who might have participated in the ruse.

The Lancaster woman apparently wired the funds in 15 separate payments to accounts in Michigan, Georgia and Poland in various amounts ranging from $944 to $18,900 over a six-month period last year. The suspect then transferred the money to a Detroit-area bank. According to a news report, she has also been accused of laundering the money for her accomplices, officials said.

Police said though it is not certain, it is possible that there are more victims.

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