Michigan charter school shuts down amid fraud investigation

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2018 | White Collar Crimes

While we’re all enjoying another beautiful Michigan summer, it comes as no surprise that a school is shuttered. However, this school is an online facility and has reportedly voluntarily shut down operations after State Police launched an investigation into allegations of fraud.

The Paris Academy has informed parents that the school is closing, according to a news report.

Founded by Nancy Paris, the school has a Saginaw Township board office.

According to a Michigan State Police spokesperson, the school has been accused of receiving state tuition money for students who were not attending.

“Allegedly the school had a large number of people signed up, but they didn’t attend the school,” the police spokesperson said. “They were receiving a very large sum of money from the state.”

Per-pupil state funding is based on the counts of attending students on two days.

A statement from the school said, in part, that “It is our understanding that a systematic process will take place to dissolve the school.” The statement on the school’s website added, “We are very sorry for this news and all it means for our staff, students, and their families.”

The state police said they will continue to investigate the allegations before turning their findings to a prosecutor who will then decide if any formal criminal charges will be filed.

Anyone who believes they are being investigated for fraud or another white collar crime should decline to speak to investigators or prosecutors until they have had a chance to discuss the evidence, allegations and their legal options with an experienced criminal defense attorney.