Battling Business Divorces – A Win on Summary Disposition

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2016 | Business Litigation, Business Torts

Lorandos Joshi handles business litigation cases not only in Michigan and the United States, but also internationally.

Recently, our clients, departing shareholders, were sued by their former business partner for embezzlement and tortious interference with a business relationship.

After litigating their case in the Wayne County Business Court for over a year, our clients retained Lorandos Joshi to add insight to their case. Our clients were emotionally and financially drained from the ongoing litigation, which also threatened criminal prosecution.

Lorandos Joshi’s diligent case review, careful discovery, and strategic depositions revealed that the Plaintiff’s case could not hold water. Not only was the Complaint paper thin, but the criminal allegations were bogus as well.

After competing cross motions for summary disposition were filed with the court, the court dismissed five of the seven counts and restricted the remaining two counts to a fraction of the amount sued for.

Lorandos Joshi has experience litigating business cases such as this one. Lorandos Joshi conducts and defends litigation involving all types of commercial disputes, ranging from breach of contract suits to multi-party, complex financial and business tort issues. In addition, the firm represents individuals and corporate clients in international litigation, dispute resolution adn internal investigations.

At Lorandos Joshi, we represent individuals and businesses. Whether you need representation to defend and protect against false or frivolous claims or are suing to enforce your rights, we can assist you with your legal issue.