Defending Due Process Rights

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2015 | Criminal Defense

Our Client reached out to us when he felt that he was being denied due process and was being rushed through the criminal justice system after being accused of rape and sexual abuse.

The evidence against him – including a videotaped confession, graphic text messages and photographs – ruled out the possibility of going to trial where a loss could result in a draconian prison sentence exceeding 50 years. After the Client fired his then attorney and retained us, our team stepped into the case, re-assessed the situation and immediately began an aggressive defense strategy involving witness investigation, depositions and a comprehensive pre-trial motion practice. Despite the tremendous pressures and resources spent by the State to bully our Client into a quick plea on all counts, through our tenacious discovery we were able to convince the State to dismiss the rape counts and offer a plea with a maximum possible sentence of 8 years. Our work did not stop there. At sentencing, we left no stone unturned in our continued zealous representation and we presented expert testimony on the issues of behavioral sciences along with a creative use of videos for character witness testimony in asking for a reduced sentence. Our hard work paid off. The trial judge sentenced our client to four years in prison, no probation; given how Indiana’s incarceration credits work, our Client should be out in two.