Parental And Business Relocation Litigation Attorneys

How does relocation to another state or country affect your child? How can you protect your parental rights in a parental relocation action? At the heart of interstate or international move-away proceedings is something so precious that you cannot afford to lose: your child and his or her well-being. We understand. Get the help you need to pursue a win.

Child Relocation: Solutions That Work For Children And Parents

Child relocation cases are almost always complex with no easy solutions. These cases must be handled very carefully. You need a law firm that can offer you skilled legal strategy, but you also need a firm with significant experience and a track record of winning cases that involve high stakes and high levels of conflict.

As litigators, we know the value of taking an aggressive stance when the stakes are high. This is especially true when a family may be torn apart. Our family law firm can serve as a resource, whether you are seeking to:

  • Prevent or obtain relocation
  • Stop parental alienation
  • Obtain or keep child custody or change the custody order
  • Fight unfounded sex or physical abuse accusations

Business Division, Dissolution Or Relocation

Our litigation firm also has experience with cases that involve business division, dissociation and relocation. These cases often arise when the family business or partnership is being divided due to divorce or a business dissolution. We help clients determine how best to face down property division disputes, dealing with:

  • Trademark rights
  • Relocation to another state or country and cross border litigation
  • Franchise relocation or division
  • Goodwill issues
  • Business evaluation

To learn more about how we can help you navigate through a specific legal concern, please call or e-mail our firm to schedule an appointment. We return all of our communications promptly.