Interstate And International Domestic Violence Trial Lawyers In Detroit

We Will Help Protect You If You Are A Domestic Violence Survivor

If you have experienced domestic or intimate partner violence, we can help you navigate the legal system and obtain the necessary protection for you and your family. We will help you, whether you wish to pursue police intervention, criminal charges, a personal order of protection, or a request to modify your child’s custody/visitation arrangement.

Our attorneys have the skill and compassion needed to aggressively represent you in pursuing your options and rights.

We Will Defend You Against False Allegations of Domestic Violence

False allegations of domestic violence are frequently made during divorce or similar proceedings. Sometimes, these accusations are made for reasons that have nothing to do with domestic violence and everything to do with child custody or property division disputes. If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence or spousal abuse, we can help you mount a swift, skilled and effective defense.

At Joshi, our trial lawyers have the experience, track record and skill to overcome seemingly “impossible” odds for clients facing tough family law challenges, including battery accusations. Our trial lawyers want you to know that nothing is impossible with an attorney who is:

  • Committed to protecting your rights
  • Willing to dig for and find the facts
  • Able to build a strong, sound and strategic defense
  • Effective in cross-examining expert witnesses for the other side and revealing weaknesses in the case against you
  • Dedicated to fighting for you at trial—and winning

Former Psychologist And His Team Fight For Your Rights

Retired trial lawyer Demosthenes Lorandos, Ph.D., established the firm in 1991. Prior to that he was a clinical psychologist who grew so frustrated at what happened to children and families in the courts that he became a lawyer to put a stop to it—one case at a time.

All of our attorneys are familiar with and have successfully used Dr. Lorandos’ methods for educating the trier of fact. We work closely as a team with other experts in numerous disciplines to launch an effective defense against any “junk” science that may be offered as evidence against you.

Getting Not Guilty Verdicts And Case Dismissals

We have won not guilty verdicts and case dismissals for falsely accused clients. We have effectively handled cases where alleged victims fabricated evidence and perpetuated false accusations against their spouse. Even in these situations, we are able to get to conduct a thorough investigation and take the necessary steps to challenge false allegations of abuse.

We Can Meet Your Needs

Our attorneys have helped clients and fellow lawyers across the country better understand the psychology behind a domestic violence matter and how to challenge these allegations before a court. Our firm is frequently retained by other firms to prepare and execute the necessary cross-examination of opposing behavioral sciences experts.

Other relevant practice areas include:

  • Parental alienation
  • Sexual assault
  • Relocation
  • Child custody
  • Divorce
  • Kidnapping

Please call or e-mail now to get the help you need. We are prepared to immediately start working on your case.