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High-Conflict Divorce

Joshi offers divorce and family law legal services to clients in Michigan, as well as other states through the United States. Our clients are dealing with complex custody and property division matters that require attentive and knowledgeable counsel that knows how to fight—and knows how to win.

Our culturally-diverse trial attorneys are smart, skilled and swift in responding to all legal issues. We offer supportive client service and are prepared to immediately respond to rapidly emerging legal situations as you, your spouse, same sex partner or domestic partner dissolve your union.

We Are The Right Choice To Handle Your Divorce Case — Whether Contested or Uncontested

There is no single path a divorce case can take. Some may be resolved quickly through mediation and negotiation, while others require intense courtroom battles and aggressive litigation. No matter the circumstances, our family law attorneys have the experience and resources to provide the type of service you need for your unique case. We will be able to explain the different options as well as the costs and benefits associated with each.

If your case warrants a quick resolution through informal avenues such as mediation, our attorneys can competently guide and represent you through the process. We have attended countless mediations and obtained favorable results for our clients with thorough preparation and strategic negotiation. On the other hand, if your divorce matter involves complex or disputed issues, we are willing to go to the mat and fight for the results you want and need. We will pursue the strategy that is in your and your family’s best interests.

Our ultimate goal? To provide legal services that will help you get through this difficult time in a manner that is most appropriate for you and your case.

Count On Us To Protect Your Interests

We are prepared to help you present a strong case and overcome the toughest of divorce issues, including:

  • Parental alienation—when your connection with your child is threatening to unravel through the actions of a spouse or ex-spouse.
  • False accusations of spousal abuse or sexual assault—when unfounded charges of sex abuse or domestic violence are used to gain the edge in a custody or property division matter.
  • Complex property division—when a closely held business must be accurately evaluated and divided without destroying its integrity.
  • Kidnapping of your child—when a spouse, domestic partner or the child’s other parent has crossed state or international borders to escape a custody ruling.
  • Contested child custody and parenting time dispute—when you need an attorney who will strive to minimize the effect of litigation on your children while obtaining the result you seek.
  • Spousal support—when you need to make sure your rights are protected with regard to alimony.

Efficient And Relentless In Fighting For Our Clients’ Rights

Essentially, our clients need attorneys they can count on to evaluate every option and suggest the most effective strategy. Our law firm can and will provide the right type of representation to ensure you and your family are protected during this difficult stage. We are relentless in the face of fighting injustice and the protection of our clients’ rights.

To learn more about how we can help you navigate through a specific legal concern, please call or e-mail our firm to schedule an appointment. We return all of our communications promptly.