Sex Crime Defense Mechanisms

Rape! Child Pornography! Child Sexual Abuse! Internet Sting Operations! Sexual Assault! Date Rape! Allegations of a sexual offense often invoke a visceral reaction from the general public, media, colleagues, friends, and families. Not only your liberty, but your career, reputation, family and your entire future is at stake!

Our team approaches sex cases with this reality in mind – it is NEVER enough to simply try and undermine the prosecutor’s case. It’s never enough to play a good defense; an aggressive offense is the name of the game. False allegations of sex crimes are never just about sex. False allegations of sexual misconduct can come from a wide variety of sources: A complex power play, a disgruntled employee, contentious divorce proceeding, battles over child custody or support, a vindictive ex-spouse or significant other, or allegations resulting from false memories….defending a sex crime allegation requires a thorough no-stone-unturned investigation and a meticulous approach to trial preparation.

A conviction for criminal sexual conduct or a sex crime could lead to a lengthy prison term, GPS monitoring, sex offender registries, residency and occupational restrictions, loss of children’s custody – the list of direct and collateral consequences of a sex offense conviction grows more alarming every day.

Criminal defendants accused of sex crimes – especially child sexual abuse – are at incredible risk of being falsely convicted. Prosecutors do not need “hard” evidence – no forensic evidence, no medical evidence, no DNA is needed to secure a conviction. All it takes is a false allegation to begin the nightmare.

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