Blue Collar Crimes

What Are Blue Collar Crimes?

Blue collar crime is a general, catch-all term used to describe many different offenses. While the term originated from crimes committed by an individual of a lower social class (as opposed to a white-collar crime), the prosecutions, sentences and consequences are often very serious. Do not be misled by the term. Anyone, from any social standing, can be falsely accused of committing a blue-collar offense. Blue-collar crimes can include crimes such as arson, assault, battery, burglary, drug possession, drunk driving, domestic violence, homicide, murder, sexual assault, rape and theft crimes. Make no mistake…

You’re In The Fight Of Your Life

Once law enforcement (police) believes that you are guilty of a crime, they will bring the full force of the State’s protection team upon you. If you are innocent, the only way to protect yourself is to fight back with everything you can muster.

It’s Not Going To Be A Fair Fight

Fighting a false accusation will be the most serious fight you’ve ever been in. You’re fighting for your freedom, your reputation, the preservation of your family, and for the well-being of your children. The considerable resources of the State will be pitted against you. Not only that, but much of the evidence they will produce for their case will contradict what you know to be true, yet will appear very convincing and powerful to the court.

You Need A Legal Specialist And Trial Lawyer

To have a chance at winning this fight, you have to counter the evidence the State brings against you. This evidence may be manufactured using discredited “scientific” methods meant to mislead. This evidence may be supported by expert witnesses employed by the State who will increase the likelihood that the information will be given undue weight. It is vital to counter the State’s evidence with experts of your own. Your lawyer must have the skill and knowledge to provide a proper counter to the misleading elements of the case against you.

Are The Stakes High Enough? Are Your Rights Important Enough?

Finding quality representation is a must when so much is on the line. Having a lawyer with talent and dedication is a start, but it isn’t always enough. You need an attorney who has fought false accusations in the past. You need an attorney with experience.

While there are many kinds of offenses, our team is able to successfully prepare for and defend against accusations of all types blue-collar crimes. Our success comes from our meticulous approach in investigating the facts and allegations, preparing motions and legal arguments well before trial, and presenting a strong defense to the jury.

In most blue-collar criminal cases, the client is unaware they are being investigated. In fact, usually the first contact with law enforcement is an informal request by police or other investigators to talk with you to “clear up some questions” or “get your side of the story.”

This is anything but informal. Police or investigators are not talking with you to get your version of the story, but to obtain and develop evidence against you. It is very important to seek out and obtain an attorney at this stage.

Do Not Talk With The Police

Anything you say can and will be used against you. Simply tell the police or any other law enforcement investigator that you do not want to speak with them and would like to obtain an attorney. It is also important not to consent to searches of your person or property. The Fourth Amendment of the Constitution states that police searches and seizure of property require a valid warrant.