Business Torts And Disputes

The success of a business or partnership rides on the success of relationships between employees, employers or partners. When these relationships are damaged due to actions like a breach of contract, RICO violation or tortious interference, there may be cause for a lawsuit. At Joshi, we represent individuals and entities in business tort cases. Whether you need defense representation or are suing to protect your rights, we can assist you with your business tort issue.

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Joshi are experienced trial attorneys who understand the law, discovery techniques and the rules of procedure. The firm works energetically to achieve the best outcome in every case. We focus on vigorously representing each client while also keeping them informed about all of their options.

Commercial And Business Law Disputes

Business torts generally arise from commercial and business disputes. These disputes must be investigated and litigated with skill, efficiency and tenacity.

Business torts can include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business Defamation
  • Tortious interference with contract/business relationship (Read more: Andrew M. Bossory, Punitive Damages and Intentional Interference with a Contractual Relationship, Business Torts Journal, Summer 2011.)
  • Fraud or Fraudulent Inducement to Contract
  • Misrepresentation
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Unfair competition
  • Loss of business opportunities
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Insurance and bad faith insurance claims
  • Partnership disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • RICO violation and theft of trade secrets (Read more: Ashish Joshi, RICO and the Theft of Trade Secrets, Business Torts Journal, Fall 2010.)

Seeking The Best Strategy

While the firm will pursue business tort litigation aggressively, we also understand that the ultimate goal is to remain a successful business or to be able to survive and move on in the aftermath of litigation. Litigation can be expensive and whenever the situation calls for it, the firm examines alternatives to litigation like negotiations, settlements and mediation.

For a consultation with an experienced Joshi business tort lawyer, call 734-249-6170 or send the firm an e-mail. From its offices in the Detroit/Ann Arbor area and India, Joshi can represent clients in matters throughout the United States and around the world.