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Using The Law To Stop Psychological Maltreatment Of Children

The invisible wounds of psychological maltreatment can leave lasting scars on a child’s development and well-being. As a parent, witnessing or being accused of such harm can be devastating.

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The Many Faces Of Psychological Maltreatment

Child psychological maltreatment encompasses various behaviors that negatively impact a child’s emotional health and development. These actions can distort a child’s self-image and potential for growth.

Elements of this abuse or neglect take many forms, including:

  • Parentification forces a child to take on the role of an adult, bearing responsibilities beyond their years.
  • Adultification involves treating a child as though they possess the emotional capacity or understanding of an adult.
  • Infantilization occurs when a child is restricted from age-appropriate independence and growth.
  • Enmeshment is established occurs when boundaries between parent and child are blurred.
  • Pathological enmeshment is an extreme form of enmeshment. This abuse takes this to an extreme where the child’s individuality is stifled.
  • Spurning refers to belittling or rejecting a child outright.
  • Terrorizing happens when an adult creates a climate of fear to control or intimidate the child.

These behaviors not only affect children deeply but also shape how they see themselves and the world around them. Recognizing these signs is crucial for protection and healing.

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