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Detroit Child Custody/Parenting Time Lawyer

Joshi has extensive experience handling complex child custody, visitation and parenting time matters for our clients. From our offices in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor), we tenaciously, intelligently and carefully pursue a solution that works for our clients and their families.

Our Attorneys Will Advise You On Parenting Time And Child Custody

Child custody and divorce are rarely straightforward. They may span across states and countries and involve numerous areas of legal practice. Given our experience successfully handling complex domestic cases, we can assure our clients that we know that steps necessary to protect their rights and will take an aggressive position where appropriate.

We have represented clients whose cases have touched on a myriad of issues:

  • One spouse causing parental alienation during a divorce to sway a custody matter;
  • A divorcing spouse behind false allegations of sexual or other types of abuse, all in the name of parenting a child;
  • Interstate and international relocation during divorce;
  • One spouse kidnapping a child and fleeing the country to avoid losing custody; and
  • A divorcing spouse filing false domestic abuse charges to prevent one side from obtaining custody.

We Will Fight For Your Rights From Every Angle

Our founding attorney, Demosthenes Lorandos, is a Ph.D. psychologist and an experienced child custody lawyer. He has been involved in protecting the rights of children and the health of evolving families for more than 30 years. He turned to the law after witnessing the damage that lawyers and judges, misled by junk science, wreaked on families and children and felt he would be better able to protect the children as an attorney.

Today, Dr. Lorandos is a nationally noted legal scholar on issues related to behavioral sciences and its intersection with the law. He is a sought-after lecturer on these topics and regularly travels the country to serve as an “of counsel” counselor to other law firms needing to build strong strategic cases. He has also earned a reputation as a brilliant cross examiner who can eviscerate credibility of so-called experts for the other side.

At Joshi, Dr. Lorandos has trained a team of attorneys, researchers, and support staff to litigate complex cases involving child custody and divorce. We have successfully assisted countless individuals in fighting to preserve their parental rights. As litigators, we know the value of taking an aggressive stance when the stakes are high. This is especially true when a family may be torn apart by alienating tactics and lies.

If you feel you are being railroaded by your spouse or being set up for a big fall, you need our firm and you need it now. See our case results and why we win to help you determine whether we can help.

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