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Litigating Parental Alienation: Evaluating and Presenting an Effective Case in Court

Litigating Parental Alienation: Evaluating and Presenting an Effective Case in Court

Our experience in cases involving parental alienation, child enmeshment, and family violence has given us unique insight into the litigation tactics and strategies involved. Lead attorney Ashish Joshi has worked hard to help clients, the courts and fellow attorneys understand the intricacies of these complex cases. He has now authored a book to help practitioners better understand parental alienation. It provides practice pointers, real world examples and resources designed to help family law attorneys and their clients, the targeted parents who are confronted with the difficult and emotional issues of parental alienation.

The book highlights the importance of providing scientific evidence and using all the tools available to lawyers and judges to address parental alienation. It provides an overview of the phenomenon, including a discussion of existing case law, as well as advice on what a family law practitioner needs to know to be successful. The book is an invaluable resource for lawyers, Guardians ad Litem, family law judges, and others involved in child custody and child advocacy.

The book helps legal professionals and targeted parents address the following critical issues in litigating parental alienation cases:
• Effective Court interventions
• Expert testimony and presenting a case
• The role of guardian ad litem and child representative
• Misinformation about parental alienation and how to respond to it
• Defending against false allegations of parental alienation
• Practice pointers

“This book provides practical tips for family law attorneys, from investigating allegations of parental alienation and domestic violence to admitting expert testimony to aid the court in its fact-finding… It is a resource that will make practitioners and court professionals better.”
Bridget Mary McCormack, Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice

“Joshi focuses on one of the most important issues that our legal system confronts: the rights of children. More broadly, he informs and guides trial lawyers whose cases involve emotion-laden issues, and the need for science-based evidence. That’s pretty much all of us.”
Michael E. Tigar, Former ABA Litigation Section Chair