Success In Mediation Before Trial

Dispute resolution allows parties to come to an agreement that works in their best interests and is often less time-consuming and costly than litigation. Going to trial does not always necessarily bring the best end-result. Mediation and arbitration can occur in a variety of cases such as:

  • Employment law issues
  • Business disputes and commercial law
  • Business tort
  • Family and matrimonial issues such as divorce
  • Health care disputes
  • International business disputes

The attorneys at Joshi have experience representing clients during mediation and arbitration. We are familiar with the kind of preparation and presentation that can help secure a favorable outcome during dispute resolution.

Mediation: Working Toward A Positive Outcome

Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party facilitates discussions between disputing parties. If an agreement is reached, it is not binding even if litigation were to ensue. The court would not be obligated to follow it. Other benefits of mediation are that it can be done prior to litigation and can be less time-consuming and costly.

The team at Joshi includes an experienced attorney who is also a certified mediator. Our managing partner, Ashish S. Joshi is a trained and certified mediator in civil and commercial cases. As a mediator, he is eager to help small business, domestic and international corporations resolve an array of legal disputes through mediation rather than litigation. He has an extensive background in corporate and business litigation which give him the kind of experience necessary to effectively resolve such disputes.

Mediation And Cross-Border Cultural Differences

With the drastic increase in global business and commerce comes the inevitable increase in international disputes. Unfortunately, these cases are expensive and time consuming. In order to avoid expending valuable resources on these matters, parties should try to resolve their issues quickly and efficiently with the help of a trained and experienced mediator.

While there are many competent mediators, international business disputes require the assistance of individual who understands the ins and outs of corporate practice as well as the nuanced role cross-cultural differences. Many experts have noticed and warned that cultural differences could easily impede successful negotiation and resolution unless the players keep these issues in mind.

For example, different countries hold varied views on: negotiation goals and attitudes, personal and communication styles, time sensitivity, emotionalism, forms of agreement, methods for building an agreement, team organization, and risk taking. A mediator must be prepared to explain and manage these cultural differences as well as take the steps necessary to prevent such differences from aggravating the already-contentious relationship of the parties.

Mr. Joshi has the experience necessary to be an effective mediator in international business disputes. For more information on the Mr. Joshi’s mediation services and to schedule an appointment, contact Joshi at 734-249-6170.