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False allegations can impact your relationship with your child

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2022 | Family Law |

Child custody issues can be bitter in a messy divorce. Your ex may try to vie for your child’s attention to the point that they make false allegations about you to your child. For example, your ex may try to convince your child you do not love them or may even try to claim you abused your child.

These false allegations are serious and can have a major impact on your child. Such negativity must be handled appropriately, especially with regard to child custody disputes.

False allegations cause children to suffer

Co-parenting is nearly impossible when false allegations are made. Your ex, in an effort to manipulate your child, may at some level begin thinking of your child as property that you are not allowed to share. False allegations of abuse can confuse your child or even cause you to lose custody rights.

Even if the allegations against you are proven false in court, your child may suffer the effects of ongoing parental alienation. Children who are bombarded with negative information against you are impressionable and may see you as a “bad person.” They may even feel like they are not allowed to love you.

Can you obtain custody following false allegations?

Even if you can prove the allegations against you are false, regaining your child’s trust is not always easy. This is especially true if you previously lost your custody rights due to false allegations. Children who have been manipulated may not want to live with you or have a relationship with you.

If your ex is making false allegations about you, you can discuss the issue with your child if possible. Moreover, you can take the matter to court to try to resolve the issue. This is especially important if your ex is trying to strip you of your custody and visitation rights.