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Signs of dysfunction may indicate pathological parenting

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2022 | Family Law |

Families are unique and no two function the same way. From the interactions members have to the decisions parents make, how a family operates will depend on its members needs and wishes. Many families function with minimum serious issues that can cause long-term harm to their members. Some, though, are plagued by pathologies of the parents which negatively impact the children.

Professionals have identified some of the characteristics of dysfunctional families, and those dysfunctions reside in the behaviors and actions of parents. Children are generally innocent victims in the dysfunctions of their parents and can carry with them the scars of pathological and disordered parenting for years.

Indicators of dysfunction

Dysfunction can happen temporarily in families or it can be systemic. The following are signs of dysfunction that can be detrimental to children and families alike:

  • Invasions of privacy
  • Lacking empathy
  • Abuse of all kinds
  • Restricted friendships and stifled emotions
  • Reversal of roles between children and parents
  • Extreme conflict

When a parent perpetuates dysfunction in a family dynamic, it may be hard for their co-parent to balance life for their shared children. Family law attorneys can help parents advocate for better protections for their kids when pathological or dysfunctional parent exists.

Looking out for the children

As stated, kids are innocent in situations of disordered or dysfunctional family dynamics. It is up to parents to make healthy and appropriate choices about how their families will run. Unfortunately, some parents use disorder and pathological behaviors to pull kids away from their co-parents. This can cause friction in family relationships and problems when it comes to child custody and other legal parental rights. Dysfunction should not have a place in families, and the law can help parents whose relationships are strained by the pathological behaviors of their co-parents.