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Suburban Detroit woman accused of ID theft, fraud

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2020 | White Collar Crimes |

On most days, it take a little under an hour to drive northeast of Ann Arbor to Royal Oak. The Detroit suburb was where a Ferndale woman was recently arrested and charged with several fraud-related crimes, a news report stated.

She’s been charged with identity theft, obtaining and possessing personal identifying information, transfer with intent to commit identity theft, stealing and retaining using a financial transaction device and larceny.

The news article stated that she faces up to five years behind bars if she is convicted of ID theft (a felony), as well as up to five years for the felony charge involving obtaining and possessing personal identifying information, up to four years for the felony charge involving the transactional device and another four years on the felony larceny charge.

According to law enforcement officials, an 87-year-old woman reported that she was a victim of ID theft and fraud after getting medical care at a Royal Oaks facility where the suspect apparently works. Police said the older woman claims that she left her purse in an exam room and later noticed that cash was missing. She also noticed that charges were being made to her debit card for purchases she had not made.

City detectives and the Secret Service Fraud Task Force used a search warrant for the facility’s offices in Dearborn and uncovered what they claim is evidence that the suspect committed fraud and ID theft crimes.

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