Michigan man faces bank robbery charge

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2020 | Federal Crimes

It is just 101 miles northeast of Ann Arbor to get to Port Huron. The lakeside city is a popular summertime tourist destination, but made headlines recently after a 49-year-old man was arrested for bank robbery there. Some of our readers will likely recall that a 42-year-old Port Huron woman was arrested on an unrelated bank robbery charge last month.

In the most recent case, the suspect was taken into custody at a residence after law enforcement officials had received a tip about him, the robbery and his location. Police said they found evidence inside the residence that could link him to the robbery.

According to a news report, police do not believe that a weapon was used during the Friday afternoon robbery. They also said they have made only one arrest in the case and that the man in custody is the only suspect, though an investigation is ongoing.

In the December robbery case, police arrested a 42-year-old Port Huron woman who they suspected was an accomplice in a Maryville bank robbery and an attempted Port Huron Township bank robbery.

According to a law enforcement spokesperson, the woman is believed to have driven a maroon or red SUV in both the robbery and attempted robbery. She is suspected of assisting a man who has been charged three counts of bank robbery, as well as fleeing a police officer.

The male suspect allegedly walked in the Maryville bank and handed a teller a note that stated that he was robbing the bank. There were no injuries in the incident, police stated.

The female robbery suspect had earlier in the year been convicted on a methamphetamine possession charge and probation violation. Both she and the male suspect face a potential life sentence if they are convicted.

Those facing Michigan felonies should decline to speak to officials until after they have talked over the evidence and charges with an Ann Arbor criminal defense attorney.