Violent crimes charges filed after deadly Michigan home invasion

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2019 | Federal Crimes

If you drive about an hour and a half due west of Ann Arbor, you will arrive in Comstock Township. The town of about 14,000 was the site of a recent home invasion in which a homeowner was killed.

Three police officers were also shot. All are expected to have full recoveries, news reports stated. A 35-year-old suspect was taken into custody at the Comstock home and has been charged with violent crimes that include murder, home invasion, kidnapping and more.

According to law enforcement officials, several 911 calls from inside the house were received and police officers initially responded around 10 pm on Sunday. Inside the home were the man who would be shot and killed, as well as his wife and child.

The man’s wife and young daughter were able to stay safe in an upstairs bedroom during the incident.

Officials said officers were in touch with a member of the family and the suspect as they drove to the home. After arriving and hearing shots, officers entered the home. That’s when three officers, including a Michigan State Trooper, were wounded.

A police spokesperson said neither the homeowner or police fired guns during the incident.

Officials said the suspect has been charged with homicide, first degree home invasion, three counts of attempted murder, kidnapping, seven counts of felony firearm, as well as being a felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition and resisting and obstructing police officers.

News reports have not included a law enforcement description of a possible motive for the invasion.

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