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Ann Arbor attorney Joshi featured speaker at annual Parental Alienation Study Group conference

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Family Law |

A few years ago, a dedicated group of legal and mental health professionals formed the Parental Alienation Study Group, an international, not-for-profit organization that wants to help the general public, mental health clinicians, forensic practitioners, attorneys and judges understand parental alienation. PASG is also busy developing and promoting research into the causes of parental alienation, as well as prevention, evaluation and treatment methods.

This year’s PASG conference is from Thursday, Sept. 12 to Saturday, Sept. 14 in Philadelphia. The organization will feature a number of the leading voices on parental alienation, including Ann Arbor family law attorney Ashish Joshi.

Other speakers include family therapist and parental alienation specialist, Linda Gottlieb, forensic psychologist and attorney Demosthenes Lorandos, psychologist Ben W. Burgess, researcher, expert, author and coach in parental alienation Amy J.L. Baker and others.

Attorney Joshi will be a featured speaker on all three days of the conference.

On Thursday, he and Lorandos will present “Parental Alienation: The Legal Landscape and Pitfalls.” Later that afternoon, Joshi will join other presenters in a question and answer period with audience members.

PASG says it is reaching out to not only mental health professionals and legal practitioners, but also to researchers, child advocates, parents and grandparents with an interest in parental alienation. For that reason, this year’s conference is open to not only professionals but also members of the general public.

On the morning of the second day, Joshi and Steven G. Miller will present “First Things First: It’s a MISTAKE to Think Like a Lawyer When Representing Targeted Parents.”

He’ll moderate a 1:30 pm panel discussion of “Legal Challenges in Dealing with Parental Alienation: A View from the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, and Sweden” and then again be among those participating in a late-afternoon Q&A session with the audience.

On the conference’s final day, Joshi and others will give reports of the first two days of the event. He’ll also be part of an 11 am panel discussion of “Parental Alienation in International Courts.”

To learn more about the 2019 PASG conference, please visit the event’s website.