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Heath care fraud, wire fraud charges dropped against doctor

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2018 | White Collar Crimes |

There is little doubt that when the federal indictments were announced, many observers believed the doctor was guilty and would pay a heavy price for serious crimes. There is also little doubt that many of those same observers missed the news that the physician has been exonerated and all of the 32 counts of alleged health care fraud, wire fraud and mail fraud have been dropped by prosecutors.

Criminal defense attorneys for Dr. Roland Chalifoux are clearly pleased that they have been able to make it clear to federal prosecutors that the indictments announced a little over a year ago were meritless and would not hold up in court.

“We knew from the outset of this case that the prosecution’s position was deeply flawed and based on a misunderstanding of health care regulations,” the doctor’s lawyers stated. “We are glad to have taken this weight off of Dr. Chalifoux’s shoulders.”

The West Virginia pain management specialist was also relieved. “Few Americans will understand the mental and financial burden a federal investigation places on its target,” Chalifoux said in a statement. “I have always maintained my innocence and look forward to continuing to practice medicine and treat my patients.”

The doctor said that the various fraud allegations against him had their genesis in a former employee.

No details were given in a news article about the former employee’s accusations or job title.

This case is yet another example of how an effective attorney can help clients to get justice, even in the face of what might seem initially to be insurmountable odds.