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Denial of Parenting Time During Holidays?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Parental Alienation |

A common strategy employed by the alienating parent is to limit contact between the target parent and the child. Holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays – are special times. They not only rekindle past memories of times enjoyed by the parent and the child but offer opportunities to create new memories. Alienators violate parenting plans. They take advantage of ambiguities in court orders to deny the target parent time with the child. The child acclimates to the new “status quo” and before long, the alienator insists that the target parent’s time be reduced to what’s now “status quo.”

Your time with your child is precious. Holidays are precious. Don’t let your time with your child be taken away. Don’t give up. If you or your loved one is being denied parenting time, act! Seek court intervention right away. Parental Alienation can be remedied. To learn more visit: