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Trial Lawyers Who Fight: Leave No Stone Unturned

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

At Lorandos Joshi, we pride ourselves as a firm that will fight for our clients, even when prior defense attorneys have failed to do so. 

Recently, we were hired by an individual who was charged with misdemeanor stalking. He had hired two attorneys previously and fired both because they had pushed him to plead guilty and refused to advocate for his innocence. When he retained our firm, however, we immediately sprang into action by conducting an extensive investigation and filing numerous pre-trial motions. We brought a new perspective to the case, arguing that our client’s actions were undertaken with a legitimate purpose (a strategy overlooked or ignored by his previous attorneys) and, therefore, not criminally actionable. Our strategy paid off – we convinced the judge and prosecutor that our client should not be tried for the alleged crime and the prosecutor eventually dismissed the charges against our client.