About Joshi

Retain a law firm with a proven track record and an all-out commitment to your cause right from the start. Joshi handles cases like these every day from our offices in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor)

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Why We Win

We have the knowledge, talent, resources and access to experts across the nation to build a strong, strategic case on your behalf. Our team of trial lawyers and a support staff that includes top-notch investigators, researchers and paralegals all contribute to our consistent success. Read on to learn whether we are the right choice for you.

We Are A Litigation Firm

Our team prepares from day one to go to trial. This meticulous preparation and our experience at winning critical pre-trial motions have helped us win favorable results outright or dramatically improve our client’s position.

We Travel To You

We handle litigation in all fifty states, at the state, federal and appellate level.

Our culturally diverse group of attorneys and associates are multi-lingual. Most of all, they are fluent and flexible in the language of protecting your rights, no matter what it takes.

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Please call or e-mail our firm to discuss your immediate criminal defense, family law, commercial litigation or other legal concern today.

A Small Law Firm With Global Capabilities

We are a culturally diverse team of attorneys supported by legal researchers, investigators and paralegals who each contribute to our ability to consistently get results for our clients.

We are determined, knowledgeable counselors skilled in:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Transnational litigation
  • Criminal litigation
  • White collar crime litigation
  • Family and matrimonial litigation
  • Cross-border litigation
  • Appellate law
  • Arbitration and mediation

From our offices in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor), and an affiliate in India, our team of lawyers and staff members represent clients from across the nation and throughout the world in complex, serious legal matters that are more commonly handled by larger firms. We have chosen to remain small so that we might act swiftly, smartly, efficiently and effectively in crisis situations.

Why Ann Arbor?

Joshi is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. With our litigation docket spanning across the country and internationally, we are often asked: “Why Ann Arbor“? The answer is simple: Ann Arbor is easy to love and hard to leave!

The Ann Arbor area has several international airports within easy reach from our location. On short notice, our attorneys can be in any courtroom in the nation. It has two major universities, hundreds of high-tech and life science businesses, and one of the most sophisticated, highly skilled, highly educated work forces in the nation. Ann Arbor offers us a large talent pool to draw from and being located in the Midwest offers us an operational cost advantage that in turn allows us to pass it on to our clients in terms of creative and flexible fee arrangements.

The Ann Arbor area is energized with opportunity and it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are inspired to launch a myriad of start-ups here. Some of America’s most innovative, progressive and dynamic businesses are headquartered or have large operations in Ann Arbor, including Con-way, Domino’s Pizza, Ford Motor Company, Google, Hyundai, MASCO, Thomson Reuters, and Zingerman’s.

Finally, Ann Arbor has been consistently ranked as one of the best places to work, live, and raise a family. Here are some of the accolades that Ann Arbor has received:

  • 2014 Best Sports Town – Ann Arbor #7, USA Today
  • 2014 Best Cities for New Grads – Ann Arbor #7, Business Insider
  • 2014 Most Educated City in America – Ann Arbor #1, Forbes
  • 2013 Most Walkable City, Ann Arbor, Governing.com,
  • 2013 Top 100 Best Places to Live – Ann Arbor #13. Livability
  • 2013 Ten Coolest Cities in the Midwest – MSN Travel
  • 2013 Smartest American City – Ann Arbor #6, VentureBeat
  • 2012 “America’s Best Small Cities” – Ann Arbor, Money Magazine
  • 2012 “America’s Most Creative Cities” – Ann Arbor #6, The Daily Beast,
  • 2012 “Top 10 US Cities for Well-Being” – Ann Arbor #3, US News
  • 2012 “Happiest Cities in America” – Ann Arbor #5, The Daily Beast,
  • 2011 “America’s 20 Geekiest Cities” – Ann Arbor #16, Forbes
  • 2010 “10 Great Cities for Raising Families” – Ann Arbor #2, Kiplinger
  • 2009 “Best Small Cities for Start-ups” – Ann Arbor #1, Business Week