Parental Alienation Podcast

Episode #5 – Ashish Joshi Discusses Parental Alienation on the Dr. Sue Radio Show

Episode #4 – Common Pitfalls in Litigating Cases of Parental Alienation Interview of Ashish Joshi on the Slam the Gavel Show.

Episode #3 – A Conversation with Elaine Cobb

Episode #2 – Do Courts Recognize Parental Alienation

Episode #1 – What Is Parental Alienation?

Welcome to Joe with Joshi. We at Joshi: Attorneys and Counselors, have created this podcast to discuss some commonly asked questions about Parental Alienation. In litigating cases involving parental alienation before the courts around the country and internationally, we are often faced with the prospect of educating the courts and professionals on the phenomenon of parental alienation. On occasions, we are called upon to debunk fallacies and myths surrounding parental alienation. Jurisdictions may change, cases change, parties change, but the challenges remain the same. And the only way to create the change is by education. We fear and vilify what we do not know. Fallacies unless debunked, turn into legends. And falsehoods gain more ground with every repetition. Through this podcast we will strive to discuss the facts, science, and law underlying the phenomenon of parental alienation. Please take note that this podcast provides general information on parental alienation. It is not meant to be legal advice.