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We are the law firm of Lorandos Joshi. It is our job to defend people against serious criminal charges of drug possession, trafficking, distribution or manufacturing. We help good people caught in very bad situations pursue justice and the truth.

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  • Have you been falsely accused of unlawful prescription drug possession or drug trafficking?
  • Are you a medical professional who was coerced or extorted into using your medical license unlawfully?
  • Did your chronic pain cause you to seek unlawful means to self medicate?
  • Were you unwittingly used in a sting operation and now facing drug charges?
  • Were you set up by someone else so that you would be put behind bars or lose your professional license?
  • Was your only mistake to use marijuana as a way to ease chronic pain?

The Way We Work

Our team of trial lawyers is aggressive, determined and skilled in our efforts to obtain a positive result for clients facing charges like those described above. From day one, we are anticipating and preparing for a trial. This makes a difference in how the other side takes your case’s measure. And our track record of success precedes us.

Read why we win and determine whether we are the right choice for you.

Chronic Pain and Unlawful Possession

If the case involves a person in chronic pain charged with unlawful possession of a narcotic, we are the law firm to effectively educate the judge, the prosecutors and the jury on the psychology and the physiology of pain and how that can distort a person’s judgment.

Our law firm’s lead defense attorney, Demosthenes Lorandos, has the psychology background to make emotional issues relating to unlawful drug possession clear. This can pave the way to a positive result for a client.

If you are medical professional or a dentist, you may be dealing with an administrative and a civil action against you, as well. We are prepared to fight for you on all fronts.

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Please call or e-mail our Detroit-area firm to discuss any drug charges or other legal concerns today. We are fluent in Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Gujarati. Most of all, we are fluent and flexible in the language of protecting your rights.