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Our senior attorney, Doctor Demosthenes Lorandos, is a renowned clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and litigator. As a psychologist and attorney, Dr. Lorandos specializes in contentious domestic relations actions and is an expert on the topic of Parental Alienation. Dr. Lorandos was a contributing editor of The International Handbook of Parental Alienation Syndrome (a 2006 project completed with Dr. Richard Gardner and Dr. Richard Sauber).

Dr. Lorandos was the executive editor of the new text Parental Alienation - The Handbook for Mental Health and Legal Professionals (2013). This text was built with the additional editorial help of child psychiatrist Dr. William Bernet and clinical psychologist Dr. Richard Sauber. Drawing together researchers from around the world, this new text took three years to develop and includes over a thousand bibliographic entries and discussion of five hundred parental alienation cases.

Dr. Lorandos is also the co-author of several books combining psychology and the law including the Benchbook in the Behavioral Sciences, and one of the best-selling publications from Thomson Reuters, Cross-Examining Experts in the Behavioral Sciences. Apart from teaching litigators and trial lawyers around the country how to cross-examine expert witnesses, Dr. Lorandos' book thoroughly researches cutting-edge jurisprudence on the issue of behavioral sciences and law and is painstakingly updated every year.

In addition to litigation and trial proficiency, Dr. Lorandos' law firm - Joshi in Ann Arbor, Michigan, developed a practice to combat Parental Alienation in courts around the country and internationally. Our team can provide you with expert psychological and legal information so that (1) you can recognize parental alienation and (2) make an educated decision on how to deal with it. Unlike most sources on the Internet, our team at Joshi combines psychological knowledge and expertise with unmatched legal skills and experience.

Any child custody dispute involving Parental Alienation is going to boil down to a battle of expert witnesses. The court will rely on expert testimony to determine the existence of Parental Alienation, and the court will rely on expert advice on what to do about it.

You should not expect impartiality from the other side's experts, and at the same time, you should not expect complete impartiality from court-appointed experts. What's more, you should not expect real or deeply informed expertise, either. You will need a team of experts able to separate good science from junk science. Trials involving Parental Alienation can be trials in every sense of the word, and the stakes are high. You will need specialists like the forensic psychologists and trained litigators at Joshi.

Apart from our practice areas focusing on intersection of law and behavioral sciences, we also excel in other areas of litigation and trial practice. Our managing partner, Ashish S. Joshi, is adept in cross-border litigation and has published several books and articles on the topic. Moreover, he has handled cases that have covered a wide spectrum, from international cases involving theft of trade secrets to a case involving the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction to a World Bank project mired in litigation in a foreign jurisdiction amidst allegations of local corruption. His unique background - fluent in multiple languages and holding graduate and professional degrees in accounting and securities along with substantial litigation experience in India - has also provided him an edge in cross-border investigations and international dispute resolution.

Our team is knowledgeable and culturally sensitive, and understands the different commercial and legal traditions that can affect the outcome of a dispute. If you are facing the fight of your life - be it parental alienation, false allegation of criminal conduct, theft of trade secrets, bet-the-company-litigation or any other significant legal challenge - the team at Joshi is the one to call.

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