Attorneys + Counselors Who Can Help When You Are Charged With Kidnapping

Kidnapping often involves a non-custodial parent taking his or her child for a visit and simply not returning the child to the custodial parent. A biological parent going through a heated child custody battle may actually flee the country with the child in tow.

These kinds of kidnapping and child abduction cases are complex and often involve international jurisdictions and multiple legal practice areas. They may involve criminal law, civil law, family law and cross-border law.

We Do What It Takes To Obtain The Return Of Your Child

Our law firm has handled kidnapping and other cases involving children in the United States and across international borders. We will do whatever it takes to pursue positive results and ensure the return of your child.

Our Success

Our law firm resolved a case that centered on a South African parent who kidnapped his child. The subject had fled the country against court orders across the Mexican border into Panama. Through our extensive resource network—the FBI, the State Department, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and our own private investigators—we tracked the child. Citing to the Hague Convention, we were able to extradite and return the child to his mother in the United States.

Even if the child does not want to return to the custodial parent, we help judges and others involved in the case understand how the Stockholm Syndrome or parental alienation may be driving the child's fears. More importantly, our law firm and attorneys have the credibility and connections that contributed to this positive outcome and will help obtain similar results in the future.

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