I found Ashish and his hardworking team to go above and beyond what I expected from a legal team. The compassion they showed and their dedication and pro-activeness was truly remarkable.

A.J., Seattle, Washington

Not just any attorney is capable of effectively trying a parental alienation (PA) case. Many will say that they are, but they simply are not. It is a highly specialized kind of case that requires deep and valid experience. There are few attorneys who have that experience. My son and daughter were told I had never been a true father to them, that I was a poor excuse for a man. Our relationship was on a downward spiral and I was desperate to stop it. Enter Ashish Joshi. We immediately had a strategy, an action plan and a collection of evidence to educate our judge on the abuse my children were enduring. Mr. Joshi was a God-send angel. We only wish we had had the ability to anticipate things so that we would have hired him on day one.

A.B., Chicago, Illinois

Ashish represented me in one of the most severe parental alienation cases to ever hit our family court. Alienation cases are very counter intuitive, and a typical family law attorney is a waste of time and money. Also, you need an attorney that is not part of "the club." "The club" is the system of GAL's, counselors, attorneys, and evaluators that many times will escalate an alienation case (sometimes inadvertently) and make money at the expense of you and your children. In my case, I knew that I needed to get an attorney outside of my geographic area, and Ashish was the answer. If I had not made that move, I would have forever lost my children.

C. C., Grand Rapids, Michigan

I have been fortunate and privileged to have Ashish as a counselor working on my case for the past three years. He has been very instrumental in the strategic planning of the details involving my case. I am yet to meet an attorney as compassionate, brilliant and passionate about his work as Ashish.

W.E., State College, Pennsylvania

Ashish is by far the best in class and unquestionably a national leader among multidisciplinary defense attorneys. His impressive levels of trial and litigation skills are unparalleled and designed to shake up any courtroom in the country. Ashish executes a very methodically unique and strategic approach with every case.

M.P., Grand Haven, Michigan

Ashish is undoubtedly one of the best attorneys I have known. Kind, compassionate, responsive and above all extremely knowledgeable on the subject matter.

J.K., Phoenix, Arizona

Ashish is an outstanding attorney. He is a very creative and strategic thinker and he is not afraid to think outside the box. He is extremely well-organized and makes himself available as needed. His courtroom presence is organized, professional, respectful and powerful. I would recommend Ashish to anyone looking for a great attorney and an experienced litigator.

F. S., Rochester, New York

Ashish and his staff have advised us in business matters over the years with our international expansion. They are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service we have received.

D.M., Southfield, Michigan

Excellent pragmatic result driven lawyer and law firm with practice ranging from international law to family law. Deep knowledge, dedication, focus, and excellent ability to propose creative solutions to resolve any issues.

R.D., Silicon Valley, California

Ashish is an exceptional lawyer with a passion for assisting his clients and practicing law. He routinely goes above and beyond to make sure the client is satisfied and quickly gets up to speed on even the most complex issues. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced litigator.

K.S., Detroit, Michigan

Ashish is a very clear thinking and intelligent attorney who is very timely in getting the job done. Ashish is a great value to a client.

D.N., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ashish understands your thoughts, views on the subject. He is very methodical, analytical and will spend time to understand the problem before jumping on to conclusion. He will not hesitate in pointing out where I was wrong. I have recommended him to my business colleagues and he has successfully executed work for every one time and again.

A.N., New Delhi, India and Michigan

In my collaborations with Ashish I have been much impressed by how thoroughly he comes to understand the bedrock issues in a case, as by how adeptly he is able to cut through the noise and secure the client's best way forward. It's clear that Ashish is a natural-born litigator with a real passion for what he does. He's also a great pleasure to work with.

B.B., Troy, Michigan


Ashish is smart, articulate and well versed in psychological dynamics impacting familial relationships. Although he's the utmost professional, he is zealous about mining the truth and will challenge me and other mental health professionals working a case. He works diligently and smartly for his clients, leaving no room for others to be incompetent or the courts to be without critical information in understanding a case and pursuing judicious and timely outcomes.

R.F., Psychologist, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ashish is a very knowledgeable attorney with rare expertise in litigating family law cases in which there is parental alienation. He is also open to sharing his expertise with other attorneys who are litigating similar cases. I highly recommend working with him!

J.H., Forensic Psychologist & Associate Professor, Denver, Colorado

Ashish Joshi is an outstanding attorney. He is competent, intelligent, diligent, and easy to work with even under duress.

C.B., Ph.D., J.D., Minneapolis, Minnesota


Ashish is an incredibly impressive and talented attorney. I had the pleasure of working with Ashish to litigate issues in a complex family law case that involved alienation and mental health concerns. Ashish was professional, a great strategist, always prepared, and an outstanding litigator. Due mostly to Ashish's outstanding work, we prevailed at a trial involving a complicated medical issue in a high conflict custody case.

N.M., San Jose, California

I had the pleasure of working with Ashish as co-counsel in a high-conflict custody matter. He, his partner, and his office were top-notch. Smart on the law, prudent client control efforts, and a great teammate. Highly recommended.

J.K., San Francisco, California

"Honorable," "brilliant," and "fearless" are three words that come to mind when I think of Ashish. I can attest to Ashish's decency in keeping his clients' best interests always at the forefront of all considerations. At the same time, I can also vouch for his unmatched lawyering skills and zeal that make him an adversary's nightmare.

J.S., Detroit, Michigan

Ashish Joshi is a charming and extremely bright attorney. I have had the distinct pleasure of getting to know him, because of our shared interests in white collar criminal defense and international law. He is an accomplished writer and speaker, as well as a litigator, and I recommend him without hesitation.

M.C., Houston, Texas

Ashish is a renaissance lawyer, proficient in multidisciplinary fields with an emphasis on defending the rights of the accused in state and federal courts throughout the nation. His skill set in managing conflict is commendable, he is a tremendous asset.

B.W., Miami, Florida

Ashish's analytical abilities gives him an edge over his colleagues and provides desired results for the clients.

V.D., Mumbai, India