Internet Sting Defense

The criminal justice system goes after people accused of sex charges like the inquisition went after witches—they are out for blood and the innocent get swept up right along with the guilty.

Internet Stings And Entrapment

In our law firm's experience, law enforcement officials are so eager to catch alleged sex offenders in Internet stings that they go overboard and entrap naive adults. Enforcement officials enter online chat rooms pretending to be young boys or girls hungry for sex. They strike up online conversations with adults and manipulate them into soliciting an unlawful sex act.

We all know what happens next: the person charged with sex crimes and facing years in prison. And these are just the legal consequences, not the social or professional consequences of a sex charge such as sexual abuse or child pornography.

Getting Cases Dismissed Since 1991

You need a lawyer who knows how to fight and defend good people caught in very bad situations. Joshi has been winning not guilty verdicts and case dismissals in sexual assault cases since 1991. We are not a Yellow Pages firm—our track record speaks for itself. Based in the Detroit area (Ann Arbor), we represent clients across the country.

We Are Litigators Who Teach Other Litigators

Our trial lawyers have earned a reputation as hard-line, aggressive and effective criminal defense attorneys. Our founding attorney, Demosthenes Lorandos, Ph.D., teaches seminars across the nation on effective cross examination of expert witnesses. Because of his background in psychology and the law, Dr. Lorandos is often called upon to serve other law firms as cross examiner of expert witnesses—who often turn out to be not experts at all, once he is finished with them.

Strong, Resourceful Team—Tireless Investigators

Our lawyers know how to comb through an arrest record, thoroughly investigate a case, tirelessly seek answers and never give up on a client. We will stay in close contact with you and all of your calls will be returned promptly.

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