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Ann Arbor Insider Trading Attorney

Securities Fraud Defense Lawyers in Washington, D.C.

A routine investigation into questionable insider trading activities can quickly turn into a criminal investigation. After that, plaintiff lawyers can spring into action. Suddenly you are looking at potentially severe criminal penalties as well as significant civil liability exposure.

At the first stage of such an investigation, timely action by an experienced insider trading defense lawyer may be able to avert trouble or limit the risk of sanction, criminal penalties, and civil liability.

Lorandos Joshi is a law firm dedicated to protecting the rights and preserving the freedom of people accused of securities trading violations and other white collar crimes.

The firm defends clients accused of all types of securities law violations, such as:

  • Insider trading
  • Timing and late trading fraud
  • Mutual fund fraud
  • IPO fraud
  • Commodities fraud
  • Sarbanes-Oxley violations
  • And other types of securities fraud

Lorandos Joshi also represents clients in licensure hearings before the Securities and Exchange Commission and stock and commodities exchanges.

Call 734-545-2919 or send an e-mail to arrange for a consultation.

An attorney at the firm can evaluate your situation and discuss your legal options.

Defense at All Stages and in all Arenas

Lorandos Joshi vigorously defends its clients' rights at all stages and in all arenas. This includes licensure hearings in administrative tribunals and boards, criminal prosecutions in federal court, and in civil litigation.

The firm's attorneys understand securities law, complex financial and derivative vehicles, and securities industry procedures and practices. They will undertake a comprehensive investigation and review all relevant documents. Working closely with you, they will identify your legal options and potential defense strategies.

The firm will take care not to allow an admission in an administrative hearing to put you at risk for criminal prosecution or expose you to civil liability.

Whenever possible, Lorandos Joshi will work to avoid sanctions, criminal penalties, or risk of civil liability. If necessary, the firm will vigorously contest the allegations using all appropriate legal tools.

For a consultation with Lorandos Joshi regarding an insider trading or other securities law violation matter, call 734-545-2919 or send the firm an e-mail.


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