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New York Antitrust Attorney

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Certain business practices such as bid rigging, vertical price fixing, and market allocation agreements can lead to criminal charges. At the same time, a civil lawsuit carrying enormous potential liability can proceed on a parallel track. This situation requires a strong defense of the criminal charge that also recognizes the potential peril of a civil lawsuit.

Lorandos Joshi focuses its practice on the defense of high-level white collar crime charges, including allegations of antitrust violations, wire fraud, and conspiracy.

The firm vigorously defends the rights and freedom of its clients, and is prepared to defend civil lawsuits involving antitrust matters as well.

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A Strong and Vigorous Defense

Lorandos Joshi will begin the defense process by carefully assessing the strength of the criminal case. The firm's lawyers will establish their credibility with the prosecution and their determination to win on behalf of the client. Through aggressive motion practice, the firm's lawyers often litigate the admission or denial of certain evidence. When possible, they will seek to persuade the prosecutors not to go forward with the case. Failing that, they will aggressively defend you at trial.

Lorandos Joshi will utilize its knowledge and extensive white collar criminal defense experience to build a strong and vigorous defense.

Parallel Criminal and Civil Cases

There are different standards of evidence and rules of procedure in criminal and civil cases. In cases involving criminal antitrust allegations, it is important to manage the cases in such a way as to avoid compromising defenses on the civil side. The firm's experience in both criminal and civil aspects of antitrust cases can help avoid potential problems and preserve the ability to successfully defend both cases.

Confidential and Discrete Representation

Lorandos Joshi handles every legal matter with confidentiality and discretion. Many of the firm's most notable successes have come in cases where it convinced prosecutors that they did not have a strong enough case to go forward with the prosecution. These cases never hit the headlines or compromised the reputations of the corporations involved or those of our executive clients.

Lorandos Joshi will respond quickly to your legal problem with vigorous representation - and the determination to win.

For a consultation with Lorandos Joshi, call 734-545-2919 or send the firm an e-mail.


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