We believe that the more we know about a case and the earlier we know it, the better the result will be for our client. We put a lot of work into the beginning of a case to determine the spectrum of possible outcomes for our client. It may be that no charges are filed, a complaint is dismissed, an acquittal is won, or a conviction with a lenient sentence is achieved. Once we have our goal in sight, we craft a strategy to get there. We believe that the key to a stellar courtroom performance lies in painstaking investigation, research, and preparation. Being proactive and preparing diligently allows us to control the case. We never let the case control us.

We Work With Prosecutors

We have experience and are comfortable working with prosecutors to protect our clients' interests. After our team has thoroughly investigated a case, it is not uncommon for us to share some of our findings with prosecutors with the aim of demonstrating why charges should be reduced or dropped. We believe that our greatest victories lie in convincing prosecutors and enforcement agencies not to bring charges. Of course, we are more than happy to play the role of "courtroom warrior" when needed. When prosecutors realize they will face a strong challenge in front of a jury, they often agree to cut our clients a more favorable deal.

We Are Discreet

We are not your typical law firm. While we believe that it is sometimes necessary to fight battles publically, it is always our goal to keep our clients out of the spotlight -- not just high profile corporate executives, but also anyone charged with a crime who would be embarrassed by public attention. When it is not possible to deflect the public focus entirely, we work with professionals so case coverage is fair and factually correct.

We Take Pride In Our Motions

At every stage of litigation, motions are often the key to winning. Our attorneys have extensive experience at winning important, often decisive motions based on Constitutional, procedural, and evidentiary law. Time after time, our attorneys have won cases outright or dramatically improved a client's chances by prevailing on pretrial motions. As a corollary, we have also had extraordinary success persuading judges to give jury instructions favorable to our clients.

In fact, we have published several books and articles on our motion practice. Our attorneys have taught other lawyers across the country about our methods for preparing and arguing crucial motions and how this practice drastically improves the case's potential success at trial.

We Pay Attention To Details

We believe in the paradox of looking at the big picture and, at the same time, paying close attention to the details. Often a small detail proves to be the key that breaks a case wide open. Those small but decisive details often come to light by intensively interviewing clients, visiting crime scenes, or conducting a personal investigation with crucial witnesses. By scrutinizing statutes and case law, examining evidence and court documents, and reinvestigating prosecution claims, we frequently demonstrate that attention to detail pays off.

We Think Ahead Far Ahead

Our attorneys, with their extensive appellate experience, always plan for the possibility that a case will be reviewed by a higher court. In doing so, we take steps necessary to protect our clients' future interests and the proper groundwork is laid for a favorable result on appeal.

We Have A Unique Team

At Joshi, we have a unique team of attorneys. Our attorneys have earned not only academic laurels at the highest levels, but have also real-life experience. This is probably why we can connect with a jury. Keeping in mind the changing demographics of this country, we value diversity and an understanding of different cultures.

Our attorneys and associates are multi-lingual.

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