It was said they were the most dangerous prosecution team in the region. It was said that they'd never lost a child sexual abuse case. And experts said their development of this case was rotten to the core. This case started with a little pre-school girl "playing doctor" with her friends during recess. The fundamental Christian preschool personnel handled the matter about as badly as anyone could. They confronted the little girl, took her to the office, had the principal talk to her about private parts, prayed with her, gave her candy, sent her back to class and did not tell the child's parents. A few days later the child and her friends were playing a similar game and again they confronted the little girl, took her to the office, had the principal talk to her about private parts, prayed with her, gave her candy, sent her back to class and did not tell the child's parents. Days later, the same thing happened again and again and again. When the little girl engaged the principal's daughter in the game, the school called the prosecution team. A cop and a social worker showed up at school, heard the story about the games and the praying and the candy and took the child to the hospital. Still no one contacted the child's parents. At the hospital they held the little pre-schooler down and examined her genitals. Still no contact with the parents. Next they took the frightened child to the prosecution team's interview house and repeatedly harassed her to tell the story of the games at pre school. . . but this time add in: "Daddy". When the child just couldn't tell the story they wanted, the social worker took the earpiece out of her ear, put it into the little girl's and the cop on the other side of the two way mirror told her what to say. They put the child into foster care where they kept her for more than a year while they manipulated her over and over again in "therapy". All they talked about were the games and "Daddy". The family was overwhelmed by their children being taken into foster care and beside themselves when they discovered their little girl was raped in a foster home. So they called Dr. Lorandos. The entire team in the Lorandos organization mobilized and a detailed defense was built to save Dad and win the return of the children. Dr. Lorandos handed this dangerous prosecution team their first defeat, won the return of the children and helped the family file an ultimately successful lawsuit against the bad actors who so severely damaged this family.

After the Client fired his then attorney and retained us, our team stepped into the case, re-assessed the situation and immediately began an aggressive defense strategy involving witness investigation, depositions and a comprehensive pre-trial motion practice. Despite the tremendous pressures and resources spent by the State to bully our Client into a quick plea on all counts, through our tenacious discovery we were able to convince the State to dismiss the rape counts and offer a plea with a maximum possible sentence of 8 years. Our work did not stop there. At sentencing, we left no stone unturned in our continued zealous representation and we presented expert testimony on the issues of behavioral sciences along with a creative use of videos for character witness testimony in asking for a reduced sentence. Our hard work paid off. The trial judge sentenced our client to four years in prison, no probation; given how Indiana's incarceration credits work, our Client should be out in two.

As the saying goes, everything is bigger in Texas! Our Client was accused of sexually abusing his step daughter. The State of Texas along with their army of experts and DNA specialists were out to get a conviction that would have put our Client, if convicted, behind the bars for the rest of his life. Our team was brought in to aggressively fight the false allegations of sexual abuse. It took three years of work to battle the full weight of the State of Texas and their Attorney General who had marshaled numerous lawyers, many clerks and investigators, a huge budget, many experts, and their DNA labs to score a conviction at trial. After a month long trial, our team scored a win: Not Guilty on all counts!

In a thinly veiled conspiracy to usurp family property and inheritance, our Client – a loving grandmother – was accused of sexually abusing her grand-daughter in North Central Michigan. Our review of the forensic interview of the child (the complaining witness) along with the police reports, school records, psychological records and an in-depth analysis of the family dynamics demonstrated that the complaining witness had been repeatedly interviewed in a highly suggestive fashion that left no stone unturned to elicit a "right" answer from the child. We launched an attack on the competency of the complaining witness and asked the Court to conduct a full-blown evidentiary hearing on the issue of taint, source monitoring, and human memory prior to the trial. After the evidentiary hearing – at which we presented expert testimony on these issues – the State dropped the case and dismissed all charges.

Our Client was accused by the State of failing to protect her children from an abusive father. The State tried to terminate her parental rights. Over the course of the case, we worked with the Client, protective services, guardian ad litem, and therapists to demonstrate our Client's parental fitness and her bond with her children. The months of hard work and personal development by our Client put her in a strong position to show that termination of her rights would not be in the best interests of her children. After a contested trial, we were able to demonstrate that not only our Client's parental rights should not be terminated but she should be allowed to have a relationship with her children. She is currently involved in a reunification plan to restore her full rights to parent her children.

Our Client - an engineering services company headquartered in Switzerland - came under fire from one of the largest law firms in the state demanding payment of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a breach of contract civil lawsuit. Our team worked diligently to develop a strong defense and countersued the plaintiff for damages. Through the use of motion practice and intensive discovery depositions of opposing side's corporate officers, engineers, and expert witness we demonstrated that the claims made against our Client lacked merit. Ultimately, on the eve of trial, the plaintiff chose to settle the lawsuit for a small fraction of the amount sued for.

At times it pays off to change horses in midstream. We were brought in to replace an existing legal team by a firm specializing in designing wind turbines and other innovative engineering solutions who was under attack not only for allegations of breach of contract, but also for the ownership of the intellectual property that was developed. The documents exchanged in discovery – contractual documents, engineering drawings, email correspondence, financial documents, patent filings, and related litigation in different states – were overwhelming. Nevertheless, by paying painstaking attention to detail and crafting an aggressive litigation strategy allowed us to prevail in the case. Not only did our Client emerge from the case without having to pay a single dollar to the other side, it also retained the intellectual property rights to the technology that was developed.

Although we are based primarily Michigan, we are asked to litigate and consult on cases nationwide and at times, internationally. Recently our consulting work paid off in the State of New York. Our Client was accused of improper conduct with a minor as the result of an internet "sting" set up by police. The photographs exchanged between the "minor" – in reality, a police officer - along with the text messages that the State had obtained convinced the prosecution of a "slam dunk" win. We formulated a winning defense out of the fact that our Client always believed he was speaking with an adult via internet dating coupled with interplay of adult sexuality, fetishes, and "role-play" fantasy. After a full day of testifying in his defense at trial, the jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict.

We firmly believe that the best defense to criminal cases in a good offense. This is particularly true when we have a chance to get our foot in the door with law enforcement before charges are filed. Recently, we were successful in preventing charges from being filed in a cross-state case of sexual misconduct allegations by vigorously preparing and working with law enforcement before charges were ever brought.

In a nationally publicized trial in Georgia, a kindergarten teacher was facing 22 counts of criminal sexual conduct involving three little girls. Her sentence would have been 400 or more years in prison. This teacher lost her job, her house, her children, and nearly her marriage – all before trial, as a result of merely being accused. After intense scientific research, testimony from world-renowned experts, and a month-long trial, our attorney led a legal team including several Georgia and Tennessee attorneys to win this teacher a "not guilty" on all 22 counts!

In Pennsylvania, our client (a respected medical professional) was faced with a nasty divorce. After his soon-to-be-ex wife traipsed around the Pennsylvania countryside, blithely telling anyone who would listen that she was going to take everything our client had, she got serious and filed false allegations of sexual abuse against our client. Joshi got involved as the investigation was underway, and as a result of our expertise in these situations, all of these false criminal charges were dropped with prejudice.

An Arizona client was facing false allegations of abuse to his young son, who he was rarely permitted to see. After our attorneys took the case and did in-depth research into these allegations, we were able to show that the allegations were completely unfounded. We prevented the allegations from being formally charged, and we achieved a generous parenting plan. Today, that little boy enjoys the company of his father more than three times as much as he was allowed to see him before.

Our client, an international outsourcer of business process services, brought an action for fraud against a mortgage finance company in the United States. To avoid a jury trial on what was a clear-cut case of fraudulent conduct, the defendants filed a claim for arbitration and moved to have the entire action removed to arbitration on the grounds the underlying contract between the parties contained an arbitration clause. After an intensive battle in the trial court, our attorneys won the argument. The case was allowed to proceed to trial and the "red herring" arbitration claim was stayed.

In Michigan, a father of six was facing the breakup of his family. After the mother of the children began falsely accusing the father of sexual abuse to some of the children, our attorneys got to work. Our in depth research into the background and facts of the case showed a long history of the mother filing false claims of all kinds. We proved that the father was a good and loving parent. The research, witnesses, and scientific material we developed resulted in all charges being dropped!

Our client, an international information technology solutions provider, discovered that its former employee, a software engineer, was in serious breach of her non-disclosure and non-competition agreement with our client. The former employee had begun working with a customer of our client, which in turn threatened several ongoing projects that our client had with this customer. Our client was in danger of losing highly lucrative projects, and the livelihoods of many employees hung in the balance. Our attorneys, after a thorough investigation, sought an immediate intervention from the court to restrain the former employee from working for the customer. Days before an evidentiary hearing on our request for a restraining order, the former employee settled to the satisfaction of our client, and the business was saved.

In Michigan, our client, a father of six, was facing the agonizing threat of termination of his parental rights to all six of his children. After Joshi succeeded in getting all allegations of sexual abuse dropped, we created a strong defense for this father's rights. After a three week trial, the petition to terminate his parental rights was thoroughly debunked and dismissed, and the father and his children are now beginning to heal.

A California resident, after attending a wedding with his dysfunctional family members in Michigan, was accused of a crime of criminal sexual conduct. The police, after listening to the "victim's" version of the events was about to wrap up the "investigation" and request a warrant for our client's arrest. Our attorneys' launched an investigation and had our licensed private investigators talk to several eye-witnesses. Our attorneys also discovered several social media websites where the "victim" had posted comments that negated her claims of being a victim of a sex crime. After our attorneys presented the county prosecutors with details of our investigation, no charges were brought against the client and the case was closed.

A franchisee of a nation-wide franchise was in the red, bleeding cash, and wanted to bail on the loss-making franchise. Unfortunately, the client was locked into a franchise agreement that exposed him to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages in case of the termination of his franchise prior to a set term. Our attorneys negotiated a settlement with the franchisor and the landlord that allowed the client to walk away from the franchise at a fraction of what the client was required to pay under the contract.

An employee of our client, a software developer company, caused an unintentional security breach. While accessing a peer-to-peer network, the employee inadvertently leaked files containing sensitive personal data of hundreds of employees on the internet. After the client became aware of the security breach, our attorneys worked with the client's in-house legal department to control the fallout and mitigate the damage. Our attorneys conducted an extensive investigation along with computer forensic and security experts, data recovery experts, and carefully complied with the data security breach notification laws of several states. Our proactive approach and thorough investigation satisfied the Federal Trade Commission and our client escaped an official investigation and/or adverse action by the Commission.

Joshi won a settlement in a transnational litigation involving claims of theft of trade secrets on highly favorable terms for its client, an Indian corporation with subsidiaries in the U.S. and the U.K. Our client sued a well known U.S. corporation with subsidiaries in several countries and its top management in a federal district court in the United States. Our client alleged that the defendants poached key employees from its India office and stole trade secrets and other proprietary information. The defendant multinational and its top executives retained a well known East coast law firm.

Over the course of this litigation, our attorneys gave the powerhouse East coast firm a run for its money and engaged in a knock-down, drag-out fight over depositions in the U.S. and in New Delhi, India, motion practice, electronic discovery, and forensic analysis of computers and servers situated in a foreign jurisdiction. With law enforcement agencies and media in the U.S. and in India watching closely over this litigation, the defendants settled. Although the terms of the settlement are confidential, it is fair to say that the offer was too good for our client to pass up.

Two local attorneys, members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, said that they had never seen a similar case won in the 30 plus years they had been practicing in the area. The client had everything stacked against him: Muslim, affluent and Republican in blue-collar Democratic town, and intensely negative press coverage that blanketed the jury pool.

Two things won this case: (1) a very aggressive investigation plan; and (2) a very aggressive pre-trial motion plan. A team of investigators collected everything they could find on the former temporary employees who had made the accusations. In addition, the team traveled across three states to locate a crucial friendly witness. Next, the prosecution was hit hard with a series of pre-trial motions in which the personal knowledge aspect of the alleged victims was put to intense psychological scrutiny. Steps were also taken in the media to counteract the intensely negative pre-trial coverage.

The prosecution realized its case had been devastated and dropped all charges the day of the trial.

Federal prosecutors charged our client, an owner of a prominent construction company, of conspiring to smuggle aliens into the U.S. from eastern European countries. After thorough investigation, motion hearings, and negotiations, the federal prosecutors agreed to settle the case for a fine and probation. No jail time.

Our client, a software consultant corporation, hired software engineers from India, China, and other countries. One of the client's employees breached his employment agreement and defected to a rival software corporation, taking trade secrets with him. Our attorneys, after a thorough investigation, filed a detailed complaint. The errant employee immediately settled to the satisfaction of our client.

Our client, an architect and an Adjunct Professor of Architecture in a prominent university in the Midwest, faced serious liability as the result of a roof collapse during one of his projects. After aggressive motion filing and an extensive deposition of the insurance company's expert witness, our attorneys won an award of "zero" damages against our client. The case against our client was dropped.

A lawsuit-happy patient decided that our client, a medical professional, had a nice building that was ripe for the taking. She informed the local police that the client was committing sexual acts during her medical visits. The police and the state's attorney general collaborated to send the woman back with a hidden video camera to tape several visits. Next, the police and the attorney general found two local "experts" in the same medical specialty to testify that what the client had done was unethical, incompetent, and completely sexual in orientation. At trial, the district attorney showed the video, got testimony from the local "experts" and even got another patient to blurt out during her testimony "He did sexual stuff to me too!" Again, our team used the science and the published research in the scientific journals to cross-examine the witnesses. The result: not guilty of all charges.

Our client found himself involved in a RICO and Ponzi scheme nightmare, facing bankruptcy and worse. Our aggressive research and representation in the suit and depositions brought the opponents to their knees. The money that had been lost by our client was more than repaid in the settlement won by our attorneys.

When a former beauty queen decided to divorce our client, she conspired to have him charged with attempted homicide. She manipulated the judge into violating our client's rights by having him illegally arrested and charged. Our senior attorney sued the judge in federal court and got him removed from the case. After an intense investigation of the facts and negotiation with prosecutors, the case was settled - our client plead guilty to shouting in public. Then we got him his house, his business, and his kids. The former beauty queen was restricted to visits after she got therapy.

Disclaimer: Attorney advertising. Prior results do not guarantee similar outcome.